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Yearly Dental Exam, Cleaning, Polishing & Home Care

The frequency at which a pet's teeth need to be cleaned varies with each animal and the condition of his or her teeth and gums. We use a dental ultrasonic scaler to remove tartar from the animal's teeth. Tartar that accumulates along the gum line and in pockets under the gums causes an inflammation and recession of the gums which eventually leads to infection, bad breath, and finally to the loss of teeth. Frequently, infections in the mouth may spread via the blood to other areas in the body such as the heart, liver, kidney, and lungs. Regular home dental care is more important for dogs and cats than it is for humans. Keeping your pet's teeth clean and gums healthy will prolong your pet's life and make the animal more pleasant to be around. Learn more about it: read Dr. Simon's articles The Importance of Good Dental Hygiene, Dental Work, and An Alternative Dental Hygiene Strategy.