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Questions you may want to ask a commercial dog food company before you purchase their products.  

(You should specify the full name of the dog or cat food you are interested in.)

  •  Are there any organically produced ingredients in your food? If so then which?
  • Describe the grade of meat used in your food. Where are the animals slaughtered? (USDA inspected plant or rendering plant?)
  • Are the carcasses used, those that passed inspection for human consumption?
  • What is the country where the animals were grown?
  • Are any meat or poultry by-products used in the production of this food ? If so list specifically what these by-products consist of.
  • Do you use only whole grains or are there grain fractions in this food?
  • If there are grain fractions please list. Are the whole grains present, of a grade fit for human consumption ?
  • With regard to the raw ingredients that go into this food--are they fresh or are they preprocessed, dried and rendered by-products?
  • How long before processing are the grains ground?
  • Do you mass produce your food or is it fresh batched on an "as needed" basis in order to provide maximum freshness?
  • Are there any artificial chemical additives in the food? Please list.
  • How is the fat preserved ?
  • Do you add enzymes, essential fatty acids, probiotics and certain vitamins and minerals? If so which?
  • And are they added before or after the food is heat processed?
  • Are the minerals chelated?
  • What is the source of the fiber used in the food and what is its specific purpose?
  • What antioxidants are naturally in the food and which have you added?
  • Do you test the food for molds and mycotoxins?
  • Do you use any special packaging techniques to help reduce rancidification and mold formation?