Royal Oak Holistic Veterinarian Provides Pain Relief

If your pet suffers from chronic pain, or needs help overcoming a debilitating injury or illness, acupuncture from a holistic veterinarian could prove extremely helpful. At Woodside Animal Clinic, our Royal Oak veterinarian Dr. Simon has used this time-tested technique to help limping dogs regain the spring in their step and help sick animals get well quickly.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture works on the idea that the body’s normal energy flow, known to the Chinese as chi, can become derailed by physical problems (and vice versa). When needles or other forms of stimulation are applied to specific points on the body called meridians, the energy flow can return to its normal state, allowing the body’s circulatory, immune and anti-inflammatory powers to work more efficiently. The Chinese have used acupuncture for at least 5,000 years, developing elaborate, detailed charts of hundreds of meridians.

Over the years it became clear that acupuncture could convey the same benefits to pets — in fact, it was used to treat elephants in India at least 3,000 years ago! Today veterinary science recognizes acupuncture as a sound, useful complementary therapy in support of chiropractic adjustment, massage, cold laser therapy and other modern techniques.

Our Vet Services Include Acupuncture, Electroacupuncture and Aquapuncture

Acupuncture will not hurt your Royal Oak pet. When performing traditional acupuncture, our holistic veterinarian inserts each needle just deeply enough to do good, then twirls the needle back and forth to stimulate the meridian. The stimulation then relieves pain, boosts blood flow or speeds healing within the area of the body influenced by that meridian. We use different combinations of meridians to achieve maximum effectiveness in treating a given set of symptoms.

The effectiveness of traditional acupuncture can often be enhanced with mild electrical stimulation. This technique, called electro-acupuncture, employs a machine running a series of electrical leads to the needles. Our veterinarian inserts the needles at the correct meridians to treat your pet’s health condition. Then, a tiny, harmless amount of electrical current passes from the machine through the needles to achieve the appropriate stimulation or sedation.

Some forms of pet acupuncture continue working for an extended period of time. One such form is aquapuncture, in which we insert non-toxic liquid solutions through a syringe into the skin at the desired meridians. The solutions remain in position where they can continue to influence the meridians for days at a time. Some forms even offer permanent effectiveness against certain conditions. For instance, our Royal Oak veterinarian can implant gold beads underneath the skin surface at the meridian points to combat some kinds of epilepsy or the arthritis behind the pain of limping dogs. These beads cause your pet no discomfort while providing lasting relief.

Whatever your pet’s particular needs or state of health, our holistic veterinarian can recommend the most effective technique to bring relief and support your beloved family member’s overall wellness.

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