Addie was a great addition to our family right from the start. She is a gentle dog, but don’t try to steal her little spot on the couch! A year ago, we noticed that walking was painful for her. Over many months and visits to many different doctors and specialists, we learned little, spent alot of time and money, only to see her suffer in so much pain. Most vets could only offer expensive ($10,000) and invasive surgeries with no guarantee of success.

A family member suggested acupuncture, so we researched alternative medicine and found Dr. Simon. He diagnosed Addie with Wobblers – a debilitating disease – and started acupuncture treatments.

Addie has made a miraculous recovery without invasive procedures! If you were to spend any time with her today, you would never know what pain she was in just two short months ago!

— Anonymous

Both Kahsa and Carlton are rescued – one from a Greyhound race track and the other (a Borzoi) from owners who no longer wanted her. What makes them special is their friendliness to others and their large size. Carlton has participated in Pet Therapy – visiting the sick in clinics – for five years. Kasha is my countertop cruiser. We have a clean kitchen because she is a s tall as the kitchen counter and cruises by and eats anything left on the counter.

I started going to Woodside when Kasha became ill. I needed a vet who wouldn’t just write pain prescriptions. I needed a vet who would treat the source of the problem.

What started as a chiropractic visit has turned into a 3-year friendship with Dr. Simon and his staff. Both Kasha and Carlton are healthier since we started going to Woodside. They live a healthier lifestyle thanks to Dr. Simon and his staff.

I chose Woodside for their knowledge of treating animals, their experience and ability to assess the problem, their compassion, their treatment of the source of the illness, and their holistic and regular treatment.

I recommend Woodside to my friends because my dogs like going to the vet, because Dr. Simon takes the time to speak about symptoms, the professional and friendly staff, the convenience, and their holistic and conventional treatment.

— Anonymous

I would like to thank Dr. Simon and the entire staff at Woodside Animal Clinic for the great care given to Roxy before and after her surgery to repair the anterior cruciate ligament in both her right and left knees, and also to Dr. Gumbs, who performed both surgeries.

It is now 5 months since the surgery on her left knee, and 6 weeks since the surgery on her right knee, and her recovery in both cases has been weeks ahead of schedule. I’m convinced that the pre- and post-surgical Centurion therapy treatments on her legs have been responsible for the amazing results. When she tore the ligament in her right knee 2 weeks before the surgery on the left knee was scheduled, she could barely put any weight on either leg, and I was concerned that without a “good” leg to support her that she would re-injure the newly repaired knee. We started the Centurion treatments and supplemented that with Legend and Adequin injections, and there was immediate improvement. By the time of the surgery on her left knee, only two weeks later, the right leg was strong enough to support her. We continued the Centurion treatments every 7-10 days, and each time there was a noticeable improvement in Roxy’s legs. The left knee continued to improve about 4 weeks ahead of the post-surgical schedule, and after about a month she was able to support all her weight on her right leg, even with the torn ligament. She was not limping at all on either leg after about 8 weeks, and by the time I could start taking her for walks again after 12 weeks, you would never know that either knee had a problem.

Since both knee joints received the treatment at the same time, as the post-surgical treatments for the left knee continued, it was also pre-surgical therapy for the right knee. She also had an acupuncture treatment when she twisted the right knee again while the left knee was still recovering. She didn’t want to put any weight on it at all, and after the acupuncture, Centurion treatment, and Legend/Adequin injections, she was not even limping 2 days later.

There is no doubt that the Centurion therapy, along with an occasional Legend and Adequin injection is the main reason that Roxy has recovered so quickly from both surgeries. She has had over 5 months of post-surgical treatment on her left knee and it seems as strong as ever. At this time, her right knee is strong enough to support her weight with her left leg completely off the ground, she is not limping at all, and we have started short, daily walks six weeks ahead of the post-surgical schedule. I have continued to supplement her diet with Geri-Zyme and Joint-Flex, which she has taken since maturity.

— Rick Bulgarelli & Roxy

Our 9-year-old dog Ginger had trouble walking, had a diminished appetite, and was just not her happy self. My daughter recommended Woodside Animal Clinic, and the acupuncture treatments that Ginger has received over the past 6 months have been very helpful.

Ginger’s appetite has returned, she walks better and has more control of her movements.

I think she’s back to her usual self: barking at the fire in the fireplace, scooting out the doggie door when we make too much noise filing papers, and staring at us until we figure out what she wants: a treat, to eat, or to sit in a lap. Thanks, Woodside!

— Anonymous