All About Acoustic Sound Therapy

Acoustic sound therapy, also known as infrasonic therapy, uses sound waves resonating at a frequency lower than the range of human hearing to impart several physiological benefits to patients with no risk of negative side effects. At Woodside Animal Clinic, we offer infrasonic therapy as a part of a whole menu of holistic and traditional veterinary services.

Everything produces sound waves, and these waves permeate our environment. Just like any other part of our environment, sound has the ability to affect the bodies of all living beings – humans and animals. Sound waves are measured in varying wavelengths or frequencies. Normal, healthy living cells have been shown to produce sound frequencies between eight and fourteen hertz, a range of frequency referred to as the alpha range. Damaged or unhealthy cells begin to emit sound waves outside of the alpha range. When sound waves within the alpha range are applied to unhealthy cells, they have been shown to restore normal frequency, positively affecting healing, increasing relaxation, and promoting learning.

At Woodside Animal Clinic, we use infrasonic therapy to administer alpha waves to pets as part of a treatment or wellness care plan. We use infrasonic therapy to provide holistic treatment alternatives to pet owners, specifically treating conditions including, inflammation, invertebral disc disease, ligamentitis, tendonitis, myositis, arthritis, sore muscles, soft tissue injury, scar tissue, diseased internal organs, and limited range of motion. Infrasonic therapy causes pets no discomfort. In fact, most pets seem to enjoy their treatments.

Consider Holistic Veterinary Care for Your Pets

In addition to a complete list of traditional care services, Woodside Animal Clinic offers a full menu of holistic or natural veterinary services. Our holistic services, including infrasonic therapy, provide pet owners an alternative or complement to traditional care. Offering both traditional and holistic options for preventative and wellness care, our veterinarian invites pet owners to discuss healthcare options and treatment plans at length. To find out more about holistic veterinary care for your pet, contact our office today.

Do your pets primarily receive traditional or holistic veterinary care?

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