Bemer: Physical Vascular Therapy For Pets And Their People

BEMER micro-vascular therapy is a one of a kind, patented and FDA approved medical device which encourages repair and healing and supports the body’s immune function by significantly enhancing the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to the cell. NASA space agency was so impressed with BEMER science that they signed a partnership agreement with BEMER to investigate methods of incorporating BEMER technology into the undergarments of space suits in order neutralize the negative effects of no gravity on their astronauts.

The Bemer device is extremely safe and easy to apply to humans as well as companion animals and horses. Dr. Simon has been using the Bemer on both himself, his family, and his patients for the last 6 months and is very impressed with the results. To learn more about the BEMER read the following articles and watch the accompanying youtube presentations.

We all know how important oxygen is to life both for our pets and for ourselves, but most of us do not understand exactly why it is essential. It is obvious that both pets and human must breath in order to live, but have you ever wondered why this is true?

Once oxygen reaches the cell via the arteries and capillaries the cell utilizes this oxygen to make and then store energy in the form of the chemical ATP. Without this cellular energy the heart could not pump, kidneys could not remove toxins and the immune system could not protect us and our pets against disease. Furthermore, the body could not repair or regenerate damaged tissue.

To the extent that your pet’s body is able to distribute oxygen to all its cells and this oxygen can then be utilized by the cell to manufacture and store energy, to that extent the body will be strong, healthy, resistant to disease and capable of repair and regeneration.

Anyone interested in obtaining Bemer Therapy or purchasing a Bemer for themselves or their pets should contact Deborah Brolley or email Dr. Simon at

Dr. R. Klopp, head of the Institute of Microcirculation in Germany, first discovered this vascular pump phenomenon using “intravital microscopy.” Using this technology Dr. Klopp observed that the Bemer, among all other devices tested, was the only one to stimulate vascular pumping. During his microscopic investigation, he found that the Bemer increased vascular pumping by 28% and oxygen utilization in the cell by 29%.

I should emphasize that the greater the percent of oxygen utilization by the cell, the slower the cell ages and the more rapidly it can repair itself.

Benefits of Bemer Therapy

Bemer therapy is extremely safe and painless. It takes only 8 minutes to apply, by covering the area of concern with a pad attached to a generator. The pet feels absolutely nothing.

Although Bemer therapy has only been available in the US for approximately 3 years it has been practiced extensively in Europe for over 18 years. It is now being used in over 4000 human medical clinics and clinics and more than 15 research papers on the Bemer can be found on

At Woodside Animal Clinic in Royal Oak, we have been using the Bemer for a relatively short time but have become very excited about its potential for treating lameness, intravertebral disk disease, kidney disease. I often use it in combination with laser or ozone therapy.

For the last 3 months, I have been using the Bemer on myself twice daily. My lower back and neck pain is almost totally gone. I feel much younger because I have greater flexibility and I move, bend and kneel with almost no discomfort.

Bemer therapy is more correctly called “physical vascular therapy” because its effects target the microvasculature of the entire circulatory system. Therefore, it is of value in treating any disease that could benefit from increased blood and oxygen supply…which includes just about every disease there is. Those interested in obtaining a better understanding of Bemer therapy can contact their main support person at

Click Here to view the NASA Bemer Space Act Agreement (PDF)

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Dr. John M. Simon is the owner and only veterinarian at Woodside Animal Clinic in Royal Oak where he has been healing dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets and pocket pets for over 30 years using both traditional and holistic medicine. He is a past president of the Oakland County Veterinary Association and has served on the board of the American Holistic Veterinary Association. Dr. Simon is the author of 4 pet care books and has written numerous articles for a variety of magazines and newspapers. Learn More About The Bemer Device here (PDF) and here (PDF).