Designed to improve the functioning of the circulatory system, the Bemer device works by sending therapeutic electromagnetic waves supported by PEFs (pulsed electromagnetic fields) throughout your pet’s body. Optimal functioning of the circulatory system is necessary for maintaining overall well-being, performance, and vitality. Sufficient amounts of blood must continually reach all organs and body areas to provide enough fresh oxygen molecules and nutrients for suppressing inflammation and promoting self-healing processes.

Why is Circulation So Important to My Pet’s Health?

Your pet’s circulatory system not only transports red and white blood cells throughout the body but also removes carbon dioxide and other waste products. Hormones, proteins, and antibodies also require good circulatory system health to ensure your pet is enjoying peak health for his age. Only when organs, tissues, and cells receive adequate nourishment from blood flow and toxic waste products are removed as efficiently as possible is your pet able to remain healthy, pain-free and active. Good circulation further enhances the natural ability of your pet’s body to heal itself which reduces infections, inflammation and other consequences of injuries.

What are Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEFs)?

The Bemer device generates a beneficial, safe electromagnetic field that produces high-speed pulses of energy. With its ability to penetrate tissues, PEFs can influence cell activity and behavior by causing bioelectrical changes within and around cells. When cells operate at maximum efficiency, blood supply improves, oxygen levels increases, transport of calcium boosts calcium absorption in bones and joint cartilage health is upgraded.

How Long has PEF Been Used for Vet Purposes?

initially, the same kind of pulsed magnetic field therapy deployed by the Bemer device was used to treat leg and back injuries in horses decades ago. Eventually, owners of racing greyhounds tried PEF for treating ligament injuries, fractures and sprains common to professional greyhounds. With positive results and research studies supporting the efficacy of PEF, veterinarians recommend the Bemer device for treating a variety of conditions for a wide range of animal species

What Conditions Can the Bemer Device Treat?

Virtually any type of inflammatory or systemic disease benefits from PEF therapy. Conditions like arthritis, dermatological infections, autoimmune diseases, slow-to-heal wounds and other pain-causing health problems heal naturally with pulsed magnetic field therapy. Your Royal Oak veterinarian will discuss in-depth whether the Bemer device can help your pet regain his health, energy, and vitality.

Will My Pet Feel Anything During Bemer Device Treatment?

No. Bemer therapy is painless, short and should not make most pets anxious. A number of treatments needed to relieve your pet’s particular health issue depend on the severity of the condition. Mild cases of skin dermatitis may take two or three sessions while arthritic joint pain may require ongoing treatment to provide continued pain relief. Your Ferndale vet will be able to provide more information regarding Bemer device sessions needed after evaluating your pet’s health and medical problems.