How Bemer Therapy Can Help Your Pet

If you want to improve the overall health and wellness of your pet in Royal Oak, consider the use of Bemer Therapy. Here at Woodside Animal Hospital, we have been using the Bemer method with great success on a variety of species of pets. Discover the science behind this technique as you consider this therapy available at your vet in Farmington.

How Does Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy Work?

The Bemer physical vascular therapy method improves circulation in an animal using all-natural, alternative techniques. Bemer Therapy uses a Bemer device to send electromagnetic waves following pulsed electromagnetic fields in your pet. This increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients supplied throughout your pet’s body. It can improve the pet’s healing processes, while also boosting their immune system to help them combat illness. We can also use Bemer Therapy to suppress inflammation and pain in your pet.

What is the Bemer Method Used for?

We use the Bemer method for a diversity of reasons, mainly focused on pain relief and healing. If your dog, for instance, is suffering from arthritis, we can increase its circulation of its blood. This can decrease inflammation and pain in their joints. Another purpose for the Bemer method is to treat animals that have sports injuries, auto injuries, or age-related conditions. By using this therapy we can help your pet recover from injuries more rapidly.

Can the Bemer Therapy System Help Relieve Stress in My Pet?

Yes, the Bemer Therapy system is used for stress relief with animals. If your pet has stress due to surgery, trauma, injury, or illness we can help reduce stress associated with pain and bed rest. Using the electromagnetic waves your pet’s vet improves circulation and reduces negative effects of hormones.

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