The Benefits of Holistic Veterinarian Care

At Woodside Animal Clinic, we realize that traditional veterinary services are not the only methods of health and wellness for your pet. Our aim is to give you different options so you can choose which method works best for you. This is why we offer both natural and holistic veterinary services for pets in Royal Oak, Berkley, Ferndale and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Holistic Veterinary Services in Royal Oak?

We offer a number of different holistic veterinarian services that are designed to work in conjunction with medical veterinary procedures. Treatments such as pet acupuncture, soft laser treatment, herbal therapy, stem cell therapy and more are combined with conventional care methods to deliver the best results for your pet’s health and well-being.

Choosing pet chiropractic treatment can help make pain from aching joints and muscles more bearable for your pet. A reliance on anti-inflammatory medications that sometimes have unwanted side effects with long-term use can be reduced by adding in holistic treatments. With the addition of specific supplements, your pet can enjoy a full range of movements, such as jumping and running, without limping or pain. Acupuncture often works to reduce pain and discomfort when other conventional methods of pain management fail to make a difference.

Our veterinary team at Woodside Animal Care works closely with you and your pet to design a customized plan of treatment. Whether you want to focus primarily on holistic veterinary treatments or you want to use them in conjunction with the available medical options, we craft a treatment plan that is individualized to your pet and your lifestyle. As part of our focus on your pet’s complete wellness and preventing illness, our holistic veterinarian services also seek to treat any underlying condition.

Contact Woodside Animal Clinic to learn more information about our holistic veterinarian services or to make an appointment today!

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