How Bio-Modular Therapy Helps Your Pet Heal

You hate to see your beloved pet suffering from pain, or showing minimal progress in recovering from an injury. Traditional veterinary solutions have included drugs to kill the pain, and in recent years laser therapy has helped many animals enjoy faster healing and drug-free relief of discomfort. But now you have another option, one that typically yields dramatic results — bio-modulator therapy, as practiced by our team here at Woodside Animal Hospital.

What is this technique, and how does it work? Bio-modular therapy is based on the way electromagnetic impulses influence the body’s processes, including tissue healing. All of us, pets and people alike, are alive with electrical energy; nerves use it to conduct signals, and cellular processes run at a certain voltage. As it turns out, injured or ailing tissues tend to run at a lower-than-normal electrical voltage, and this causes cells to become acidic. The acidity in turn lowers the level of tissue oxygenation, making it impossible for cells to make enough ATP to repair themselves. As a result, your pet continues to experience chronic pain and never seems to get over his health problem.

Bio-modular therapy gives us a means of correcting that voltage imbalance in the tissues. We use an instrument called a bio-modulator/transducer to detect areas of low electrical voltage where illness or injury exists. The transducer then sends a tiny micro-current to raise the voltage just enough for proper cell repair to resume. It works on any part of the body, and it causes no discomfort whatsoever.

Bio-Modular Therapy Available at Woodside Animal Hospital

If you are intrigued by the possibility that bio-modular therapy can help relieve pain and speed healing in your pet, bring the animal to our clinic for an initial evaluation. Depending on his condition and needs, we may find your pet to be an ideal candidate for this advanced form of veterinary care. Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment!

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