Cold Laser Provides Relief for Pets

High Tech Treatment from Our Holistic Veterinarian

Modern technology has done wonders for veterinary medicine, just as it has vastly improved doctors’ ability to treat humans. In the past, pets who suffered from an acute injury or chronic ailment had to cope with lengthy healing periods or ongoing pain that only responded to drugs. Today, however, we use a technique called cold laser therapy to help your pet feel better and heal faster — and you can get it right here at Woodside Animal Hospital.

Pain Relief for Royal Oak Pets

What do we mean by “cold laser?” This type of beam, also called a Class 4 laser, does not burn or cut into tissue — instead, it penetrates the skin and excites the molecules in the tissues and blood supply underneath. This action warms the tissues and stimulates blood flow, encouraging inflammatory substances to drain out and healthy oxygen and nutrients to flow in more freely. Royal Oak vet provides cold laser therapy for cat and dog ear problemsBetter circulation means speedier healing, while the release of inflammatory substances and feeling of warmth relieves your pet’s pain. Cold laser therapy works well for chronic inflammation conditions such as arthritis. Limping dogs and cats often resume their normal, healthy gait if their joint problems had magically disappeared.

Cold laser therapy can help heal a wide range of illnesses and injuries. Common cat or dog ear problems such as otitis (ear infection) often respond nicely to this technique, reducing swelling and discharge within the ear canal as it reduces discomfort. Surgical wounds and soft tissue injuries heal more quickly. Cold laser therapy can even treat autoimmune disease by improving the circulation and therefore boosting immune function.

If you would love to give your pet drug-free pain relief and a higher quality of life, then we are the Royal Oak veterinarian for you. Bring your dog or cat in to our veterinary facility for a consultation so we can discuss the possible benefits he may receive from cold laser therapy.

Do you know any humans who have undergone cold laser therapy? If so, did it help them?

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