Colostrum: An Important Boost to Your Pet’s Health

You may know that baby animals receive a healthy dose of immune protection from their mothers’ “first milk.” This substance is not actually milk but colostrum, and all mammals produce it within 24 to 46 hours of giving birth so they can protect their babies against life-threatening illnesses. What you may not know, however, is that bovine colostrum can continue to provide a variety of other health benefits to adult animals — including your Royal Oak pet.

People have been using colostrum as a nutritional supplement for years. It has a broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect, providing protection against a host of diseases and boosting the immune system. But colostrum’s benefits extend even beyond this impressive achievement. It also accelerates tissue healing, improves stamina and enhances mood. Colostrum elevates mood, provides antioxidant protection, and serves an as anti-inflammatory and pain reducer. It even supports healthy heart action and blood pressure.

Perhaps most amazing, however, is colostrum’s ability to normalize digestive function. This is a critical factor for wellness, because “leaky gut syndrome,” a condition in which harmful intestinal bacteria, yeast and parasites overrun the intestine, cause serious organ toxicity problems. The resulting liver and pancreatic poisoning can wreak havoc with your pet’s health. Colostrum stops these pathogens from doing their damage, either by suppressing their action or by killing them outright. It also supports the normal removal of toxins from the liver. Regular supplementation, as prescribed by a veterinarian, can therefore address a wide range of existing ailments while preventing future ones from occurring.

Learn More at Our Animal Hospital

If you would like to learn more about whether supplementation with colostrum would be a good investment in your pet’s well-being, contact our animal hospital for a consultation with our Royal Oak veterinarian, Dr. John Simon. Mother’s “first milk” might be just what your pet needs to regain or maintain a lifetime of health!

Have you used colostrum as a supplement for your pet?

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