Common Pet Arthritis Treatment

Common Pet Arthritis Treatment in Royal Oak

No one likes to see their pet in pain, but unfortunately, arthritis is relatively common in pets, and it brings many pet owners to Royal Oak, MI to Woodside Animal Hospital to help their pet have access to a holistic veterinarian who is experienced in traditional veterinary medicine as well. Our vet also takes longer with a vet appointment than most other veterinarians, especially when holistic options are being considered, giving your pet the full attention they deserve. Here are some more options that may be available to you if your pet is suffering from arthritis.

What Can Help With Arthritis

Weight Control – If both humans and pets, having extra weight on the joints increases the amount of wear and tear and aggravates arthritis pain. Getting weight under control is often one of the first suggestions the vet will make about managing arthritis pain

Massage – Getting a massage not only feels good to your pet, but it can improve her circulation, and increase the oxygen supply to damaged tissue. It detoxifies the joints and helps to strengthen the supporting muscles.

Physiotherapies – There are several physiotherapies used on pets, a few of the more popular include passive manipulation of joints, heat treatment, and acupuncture. As a holistic veterinarian, Dr. Simon is among the most experienced in these types of therapies and can evaluate your pet to see which options have the highest potential for pain relief and/or increased mobility.

Cold Laser Therapy – A non-invasive, drug-free therapy that increases micro-circulation to inflamed joints to help with circulation, inflammation, detoxification, and pain relief.

Stem Cell Therapy – Stem cells are taken from healthy fat and injected into diseased joints, and have been shown to be highly effective for many pets.

Medication – When non-drug treatments aren’t enough, medication can be prescribed. Since pets respond to different medications for pain than humans — and because human medications can produce tragic results for pets, it is important that pet medications be prescribed by their veterinarian.

Surgery – In extreme cases, surgery may also be an option for pets, and some have seen their quality of life improve after undergoing joint replacement.

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Whether your pet needs a check-up, boosters on their standard vaccinations, or arthritis treatment, at Woodside Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to giving your pet the attention he deserves. Contact us at 248-581-0613 to set up an appointment.

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