Dr. Simon Explains Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure Information From Our Royal Oak Animal Hospital

At Woodside Animal Hospital we want your pets to live as long and healthy a life as possible. One medical condition which sadly affects far too many older dogs and cats is kidney failure. Kidney disease starts in younger pets and slowly progresses over a lifetime, eventually leading to kidney failure. Kidney cells cannot regenerate like liver cells can – once they are damaged they are lost forever. Unfortunately, most pet owners do not notice the signs of kidney disease until some 70% of their pet’s kidney is destroyed. By then, it is usually too late to prevent further failure.

Our Royal Oak veterinarian, Dr. Simon wants to help you succeed in the fight against this silent killer. The most effective preventative measure you can take against kidney disease is to bring your pet into our animal vet clinic at least twice a year for a veterinary examination and urine or blood tests. Dr. Simon might prescribe a urine test for Early Renal Disease, which can detect kidney disease earlier than standard urine analysis.

Food and environmental toxins, bacterial infections, high blood pressure and certain allergies can also affect your pet’s kidney. Preventative actions we recommend include providing a diet that is low in preservatives, artificial colors, and chemicals. Nutritional supplements might also help boost your pet’s immune system. Fresh, alkalinized water without toxins also promotes kidney health.

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