Articles by Dr. Simon

For 12 years, Dr. Simon wrote a column on pet care for The Daily Tribune. He also hosted his own TV pet talk show “Your Pet’s Good Health”. This page features a collection of articles by Dr. Simon about general pet care and information specific to owners of dogs, cats and birds.

Dr. Simon has also written a collection of poems called The Puzzled Soul Anthology with subjects related to animals and to a holistic perspective. The poems have been included here for your enjoyment.

General Pet Care

An Alternative Dental Hygiene Strategy
The most common reason pet owners give for not having their pets teeth cleaned is their fear of having their pet receive a general anesthetic. For those pet owners that cannot bring themselves to have their pets anesthetized, I am offering a mini-prophylaxis that will be performed under sedation rather than light anesthetic. View Article

Antioxidant Supplements: Microhydrin
Become more aware of the great benefits that antioxidant supplementation can have by neutralizing the injurious effects of free radicals. View Article

Antioxidants, Disease and Aging
Antioxidants help slow the aging process, prevent disease and can also be used to treat degenerative organ diseases. View Articl

Anal Sac
Anal irritation can result from a number of causes one of the most common being “anal sac disease”. View Article

Are you misinterpreting what your pet is saying?
Since animals can not talk and tell us what they are really thinking we often misinterpret their actions. View Article

Body Odor
Every day veterinarians are asked by pet owners why their dog or cat smells so bad. View Article

Cryosurgery uses liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide to freeze and destroy unwanted tissue. The surgery does not require cutting and suturing, so the procedure may be performed with a local anesthetic and/or mild sedation. View Article

Dental Hygiene
When it comes to maintaining your pet’s good health and providing your pet with extra years of quality living, proper dental care is second only to proper nutrition. View Article

Dental Work
Veterinary dental technology has been advancing so fast that presently almost any dental procedure that can be performed on humans can now be performed on animals. View Article

Dietary Management of Gastro-Intestinal Disorders
How to manage diarrhea and vomiting, along with a special soft bland diet. View Article

Diagnosing and Treating Chronic Diarrhea
Diarrhea is not a disease but a symptom of a disease and can result from a large number of possible causes such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, poisons, allergies, foreign bodies such as bones, and many more. View Article

Eliminate Environmental Toxins and Have A Healthier Pet
Start now, before your pet is sick, to take the steps necessary to reduce the toxins he or she is exposed to. View Article

Enzymes – The Fountain of Life
Enzymes are special types of proteins which enable biochemical reactions to take place in our body. They are “biocatalysts”, which means they either initiate a chemical reaction or cause the reaction to speed up. View Article

Flying With Your Pet
If you are moving or just planning a vacation, taking your pet along could mean added enjoyment. View Article

Heartworm Disease
As the weather becomes warmer and mosquitoes begin to appear, each and every dog and cat owner (yes I did say cat owner) should become concerned about a very easily transmissible, potentially fatal, blood born parasitic infestation known as heartworm disease. View Article

Holiday Hazards
The upcoming holiday season should be a joyous time for the whole family Unfortunately, all too often, these good times are spoiled when the family pet becomes injured or sick. View Article

How to Get Along with Your Veterinarian
Sooner or later your dog or cat will hve to visit a veterinarian. Even if your pet is never sick a day in his life, he will still need annual check-ups and periodic vaccinations. View Article

Important Steps to Take in Maintaining Your Pet’s Health
Tips on how early detection of illness can maintain your pet’s health. View Article

Itchy Skin
If your pet has recently started itching and scratching, do not feel alone. View Article

Diagnosing the cause of lameness in animals is often a much more difficult problem than diagnosing the cause of lameness in humans. View Article

The Mid-Year Senior Pet Checkup
If your pet is over 7 years of age, a “senior mid-year check up” is highly recommended and very important for maintaining the overall health of your older pet. View Article

Prolonging Your Pet’s Life
What are the most important things an owner can do to prolong the life of their dog or cat? View Article

The Role of Antioxidants in the Free Radical Concept of Disease
The “free radical pathology concept of disease” holds that most disease is ultimately a result of oxidative damage to the cell by highly reactive, inter cellular metabolic end products known as “free radicals”. View Article

Vaccination Risk Factor Management
A list of factors that will help you decide whether to vaccinate your pet against common outdoor risks. View Article

Warning Signs of Illness
What to be on the lookout for to help your pet stay healthy. View Articl

Winter Pets
Precautions to take when your pet must stay outside in cold weather. View Article

Dog-specific Ailments and Information

Next to severe trauma, “canine bloat” is probably the most acute health emergency any dog owner is likely to encounter. View Article

Cat-specific Ailments and Information

Feline Leukemia
The 2 most important viruses affecting cats today are Feline leukemia (Feleuk) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). View Article

Bird-specific Ailments and Information

Bird Diets
Is your bird getting everything it needs? A balanced diet is important to your birds health. View Article

Bird Health
Do you know when your bird is healthy or sick? Helpful information for better care for your bird. View Article

Dr. Simon and Ziggy
Meet Dr. Simon’s Amazon parrot. View Article

Weekly Exams
Your bird will stay healthier, longer if you know what is normal and what is not. View Article

Rabbit, Rodent and Ferret-specific Ailments and Information

Health Care Information for Owners of Pet Rabbits
Although rabbits are exceptionally easy to care for, they do have certain specific health care problems with which all rabbit owners should become acquainted. View Article