The Whole Plan
by John Simon

There once was an elephant that lived in a hole.
No he wasn’t a mole he just lived in a hole.
He lived apart from the others who preferred to live up above.
For he hated a world where they pushed and they shoved.
He stayed in his hole and remained apart from the rest.
He did not care to go up and deal with a world that ‘s a mess.

So he tunneled all day and he tunneled all night
until the holes that he dug connected once again with the light.
He dug so many tunnels through the rocks and the sand
that his first hole became connected to every piece of dry land.

“Oh no!” he cried out when he saw what he had done.
“I do not want to connect –that not my idea of fun.
If my hole connects with every piece of dry land
Others will soon crawl down my hole and that ruins my hole plan.”

“If they crawl down my hole they will upset my peace.
My whole world will fall apart and my peacefulness cease.
They will force me to join them and be a part of their plan.
I will be forced from my hole and made to live above on the land.”

So the elephant tried to fill the holes he had dug
He stopped up the holes by using rocks as a plug.
But before he could hide all the holes he had dug
Out from one hole appeared a very wise holy bug

The bug just stared at elephant with a look of surprise
He said. “This hole is no place for someone your size.
A hole in the ground is for worms, bugs and moles.
Its not for a giant whose got a nose like a pole.”

“But I just want to live apart” — said the elephant
“I want to be left all alone.
I want to live underground no matter how big I’ve grown.
I want nothing to do with those who live above on the land.
They’re too hard to live with that is why I came up with my hole plan.”

“So you think you can find peace (said the bug) by remaining apart
I don’t mean to bug you — but I say that’s impossible — just for a start.
Living apart in a hole will give you not one moment of peace.
Because your worries, about being found, will simply not cease.”

“You must give up your tunneling and stop being a mole.
You must connect with the others cause it good for your soul.
By living apart in a hole your worries never will cease.
By living as a part of the whole you will finally find peace !”