Bio-resonance therapy includes pulsed magnetic therapy (PMF), low energy photon therapy (Lept), Spectro chrome (color) therapy, Micro Current Electrical Stimulation and Scenar Therapy. Each of these modalities provide a different forms of vibrational energy which helps heal diseased or injured cells by restoring them to their normal vibrational state. When diseased cells are treated with an external resonance frequency source, the molecules in their cell wall begin to vibrate at the healthier frequency. You might relate bioresonance therapy to a vibrating tuning fork which when brought near another tuning fork will cause that previously quiet tuning fork to begin vibrating at the same frequency. Once the cell wall is vibrating at a healthier frequency it can resume its battery/capacitor like character which is capable of maintaining an electro potential between the inside of the cell and the fluid surrounding the cell. This electro potential provides energy that can be utilized to help cellular function like nutrient and oxygen absorption, energy production and excretion of toxic waste. Bioresonance therapy recharges damaged cells and help them to maintain this charge until the bodies own electrical energy flow enters the damaged tissues and completes the job of healing.