Your pet gives you and your family in Farmington so much unconditional love and affection. In turn, you keep your animal companion as healthy and happy as possible. Part of the long-term care you must provide to your pet is regular checkups as well as immediate medical attention if anything has gone wrong.

When an animal is in any kind of distress, from an injury or illness or because of the effects of aging, it can be frustrating since pets cannot tell us directly what is wrong. This is why you want to find a veterinary practice in Farmington that provides the utmost in veterinary care. Residents of Farmington should know that Woodside Animal Clinic is open and ready to treat your pet.

We Offer a Full Range of Veterinarian Services

You may be new in town and need a new vet. Or, you have been residing in Farmington for some time now and have just welcomed a new puppy or kitten to your home that needs to be examined and given all require vaccinations and booster shots. The team at Woodside Animal Clinic in Royal Oak offers a full range of services to take care of your pet dog, cat, bird, ferret, rabbit or rodent.

We recommend that new pet owners bring their animal in for microchipping. This way, if the animal is lost, it can be identified with a microchip scanner and reunited with its family.

At the animal clinic, we provide spay and neuter operations as well as more serious surgeries that require general anesthesia. All surgeries take place with a technician who assists the vet to track vital signs, including breathing and heart rate, so you will have the confidence that your beloved pet is in the best hands.

Come to Woodside Animal Clinic to give your pet its annual health exam and get a consultation from the veterinarian about how to keep your animal healthy throughout the year. We also recommend that you bring your animal in for a yearly dental exam and teeth cleaning.

If your pet is suffering from a food-based disorder, we will be happy to provide nutritional counseling and create a natural diet plan along with supplements to promote better health.

Featuring a Holistic Approach to Pet Care for Farmington Residents

Dr. John Simon took over Woodside Animal Clinic in 1970 and over the years he has added holistic treatments to the range of services we provide here.

Examples of Natural and Holistic Services include:

  • Pet acupuncture
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Pulsed magnetic therapy
  • Herbal therapy

Dr. Simon will develop a customized treatment plan for your pet to relieve pain, optimize wellness and prevent future illness.

Contact Woodside Animal Clinic to Make an Appointment with the Vet Today

If your pet hasn’t been to see a vet in many years for a wellness exam or if your companion animal is sick or injured and in need of professional treatment, the warm, caring team at our animal clinic is standing by to assist.

Please call Hartrick Veterinary Clinic for appointments: (248) 549 3399.