Veterinarian Serving Ferndale

At Woodside Animal, we are a holistic veterinarian serving Ferndale. We are located at a convenient spot. To reach our animal clinic, take Twelve Mile Road east for about half a mile. Turn right on Woodward Avenue for one mile. Then, make a left U-turn at Columbia road. We are on the right side of the road at 27452 Woodward Avenue, Royal Oak. There is plenty of available parking, so finding a space is easy. For over three decades, Woodside Animal Clinic has been taking care of pets in Ferndale. We welcome pets with open paws and provide personalized veterinary care tailored to meet your pet’s unique needs.

Holistic Veterinarian and Traditional Veterinarian

Our approach to treating animals is an integrative one of veterinary medicine. We are both a holistic veterinarian and traditional veterinarian dedicated to providing the best veterinary care for cats, dogs and pocket pets. This includes rabbits, iguanas and ferrets. For all of our furry friends in Ferndale, we provide annual pet exams, diagnostic testing for disease and injury, vaccinations and boosters, cancer treatment, nutritional counseling and more. As a holistic veterinarian, our services are broad and include acupuncture, botanical therapy, homotoxicology and more. Once we have a diagnosis, we may prescribe natural supplements and probiotics for healing. With acupuncture, we can help your companion with pain management and rebalance your pet’s immune system. With both holistic and traditional veterinary services, it’s the best of both worlds at Woodside Animal Clinic.

We offer thorough pet check-ups and diagnostic tests, including blood chemistry and urinalysis. From nose to tail, we do a comprehensive pet physical exam. Plus, we will ensure that your pet is up to date on vaccinations like rabies and distemper. We also offer dental exams and cleaning, orthopedic surgery, spay and neuter, laser therapy and microchipping. Take advantage of our affordable puppy training classes to avoid potential behavioral problems.

Time for a pet exam? Is your pet limping? Does your pet need a required vaccination? Turn to us at Woodside Animal for all of your pet care needs. We provide state-of-the-art veterinary care in a caring and compassionate environment. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today. We treat all pets just like a member of the family.