AvocadoBirds, rodents, dogsVomiting and cardiac failure
Bitter gourdDogs Seizures, hypoglycemia
Chocolate (dark) Cocoa, coffeeDogs Dysrhytmias, seizures
GrapesDogs Kidney failure
Macadamia nutsDogsLimb weakness, ataxia, tremors, Fever, vomiting, lameness
Onion/garlic /chive Baby food with onions powderDogs, CatsAnemia – especially cats
RaisinsDogsKidney failure
Sugarless gum or candy with XylitolDogsLiver failure, hypoglycemia, loss of balance, incoordination, seizures
Apples, Apricots, Cherries, PeachesDogsStems, seeds or leaf contain cyanide which causes hyperventilation & breathing difficulties and shock
Yeast dough, AlcoholAlcohol toxicity
Baking soda & PowderMuscles spasm, electrolyte changes
Fatty foodsPancreatitis with acute vomiting and Pain
Nutmeg>High level result in death
Cooked bonesObstruction or laceration of GI tract
Canned tunaCatsMalnutrition due to lack of vitamins and minerals
Large amounts of liverCauses vitamin A toxicity
MarijuanaCan depress nervous system
Milk and dairyLactase deficency causes diarrhea
Moldy foodToxins cause diarrhea and vomiting
Poisonous mushroomsToxins affect multiple organs, shock
TobaccoNicotine causes which affects the nervous system and resuts in death
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