From Aloness To All Oness

by John Simon

Fear, fear, fear…. oh dear!
Aloness, Aloness, Alone
Courage, Courage, Courage, Courage
All-oness, All-oness… I’m home !

When I don’t have the courage to risk dying,
When I am concerned about my welfare alone,
When I see the world as a hostile place
Then there’s no where to harvest the frienships I’ve sown.

When I am afraid and just want to be left alone
But find the courage to get out in the world and relate
I then connect with the whole and my oness unfolds
And then as a part of the whole I feel great.

When I feel I’m alone, I’ve no sense I’m all-one
When I get my all-oness, the aloness is never my own.
When I feel I’m all-one, I’m still alone in the world
But I don’t experience the aloness of all-oness, alone.

The only time I’m alone is when I forget I’m all-one
Yet when I’m all-one I’m both never and always alone.
The aloness and all-oness are just different poles of myself.
I’m what connects all the aloness and all-oness I’ve known.