Healthy Natural Pet Dental Health: What Pet Owners Need to Know

By the age of three, the majority of pets already have symptoms of gum disease. Since pets cannot brush their own teeth, there are limited ways that pets can keep their gums healthy – they need your help! Plaque and tartar that builds up along the gum line creates pockets in the gums that are susceptible to bacterial build up and infection. Without proactive dental care, your pet is at risk for a host of oral health problems, including gum disease and tooth loss.

Reduce Risk for Gum Disease with Natural Pet Care

The good news is that there are many natural ways to keep your pet’s gums healthy and reduce the risk for oral health problems. Holistic pet care is the use of natural products to care for your pet. Holistic, natural care supports your pet’s overall wellness. Below, our veterinarian explains how at-home dental care can help keep your pet’s gums and teeth healthy.

Holistic, natural care reduces risk for illness.

Holistic care focuses on the “whole” pet. This means that rather than focusing on the symptoms of a single problem, our approach to natural care takes your pet’s overall health into account. From diet and grooming to parasite control and teeth cleanliness, holistic, natural care supports your pet’s health from the inside out.

Natural pet care reduces risk for oral health problems. Natural dental care options include nutritional supplements and natural sprays for cleaning pet teeth easily, naturally and effectively. For example, rope toys can act as natural “floss” for your pets teeth; as your pet chews on the rope, the rope strands help to remove particles that have built up between the teeth. Natural dental treats are specially formulated to support your pet’s oral health; these treats are low in calories and contain dietary fiber that makes them easy to digest while cleaning teeth and freshening breath. Oral care sprays can help remove plaque build up from the teeth.

Do you currently use any natural dental care products for your pet? Share your favorites below!

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