ffWatching a pet have a seizure can be a frightening experience. The regimen of traditional medications and monitoring required to control seizures can also be scary. Fortunately, our holistic veterinarian in Royal Oak is experienced with natural means of treating pets with seizure disorders.

Why Do Pets Have Seizures?

There are many causes of seizures in dogs and cats. Among them are epilepsy, heat stroke, kidney failure, brain injury, encephalitis, brain abscess, stroke and liver failure. A Ferndale pet with a concussion might have no seizures for weeks or even months after an injury. Animals experience various types of seizures, as do humans.

Conventional Treatments

Seizures that continue for more than five minutes or several seizures that occur right after each other with no consciousness are medical emergencies. The traditional seizure treatment for dogs and cats includes an arsenal of drugs like phenobarbital, potassium bromide and valproic acid that can cause unpleasant side effects. Their use requires regular monitoring of serum drug levels and liver enzymes. A pet on these medications can suffer a seizure after missing only one dose of an anticonvulsant.


The philosophy of our holistic veterinarian is that your pet’s health extends beyond a lack of clinical symptoms of disease. The staff at our animal clinic in Royal Oak believes your pet’s body can heal itself when it receives the proper nutrition and is in a healthy environment. Our holistic therapies focus on treating the whole pet, not just a part that appears sick. We use natural remedies whenever possible.

The first step toward natural treatment for seizures is bringing your pet in for a workup. Dr. Simon will thoroughly evaluate your pet and give you advice on the most appropriate therapies. We have had success using a number of holistic options in seizure treatment for dogs and cats.

Nutritional Supplements: Included in this category are vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Vitamins which help with seizures incute vitamin b complex, vitamin a and vitamin d. Along with these vitamins the minerals zinc, calcium and magnesium can prove beneficial. The amino acid taurine is very important for the health of the central nervous system and there should definite be added to an holistic protocol for treating seizures. Other nutritional supplements that should be considered include choline and dimethylglycine.

Herbal remedies such as passionflower and skullcap and valerian can help manage stress and anxiety by reducing overstimulation that can trigger an epileptic seizure.

Homeopathic remedies are important options. The most common remedies used by veterinarians are **Night Shade and Cuprum Metallicum .

Acupuncture works particularly well in dogs when used in conjunction with other remedies. our veterinarian implants gold beads under the skin of the head and ears. These beads are implanted while the pet is under sedation.

Gaba is a non sedating and effective natural remedy that is well accepted when put in a pets food and has proved highly effective in controlling seizures.

Cytokine therapy is one of the newer and most effective natural remedies that can be given orally and is both safe, non sedating and very effective.

Our staff’s most important priority is the health and happiness of your Royal Oak or Ferndale pet. We have years of experience treating area pets with natural, holistic therapies.