Royal Oak Veterinary Clinic Provides Natural, Holistic Treatments

At Woodside Animal Clinic, our veterinary care team strongly believes in the philosophy and benefits of holistic health care. That’s why our small animal vet clinic’s philosophy is ‘The Care We Give Is More Than Medical.’ This simple statement reflects both our passionate commitment to quality, loving pet care as well as our belief in the power of holistic treatments to naturally promote wellness. Our holistic veterinarian, Dr. John Simon, has been practicing veterinary care for over 30 years. Dr. Simon’s veterinary experience underscores our belief that the combination of holistic and conventional care is the best way to prevent disease and keep your pets healthy and active.

Help Your Pet Live a Longer, Healthier Life with Holistic Pet Care at Royal Oak Animal Clinic

Our small animal vet clinic offers a variety of holistic treatments, including pet acupuncture, chiropractic, soft laser therapy, pulsed magnetic therapy, herbal therapy, homotoxicology, cryotherapy, prolotherapy, bioresonance therapy and stem cell therapy. These treatments, such as pet acupuncture, can help pets manage pain when traditional treatments or anti-inflammatory medications fail. Pet chiropractic care can also help restore alignment to your pet’s vertebrae and musculoskeletal system, easing pain associated with natural wear and tear on the joints and spine.

Limping dogs can benefit greatly from holistic treatments at our veterinary clinic. Over time, wear and tear on the joints can lead to inflammation that makes it painful for your dog to run, jump and move. However, dietary changes, the addition of supplements like fish oil, and pet acupuncture and chiropractic care can help limping dogs become active again — without relying on prescription drug anti-inflammatories. This is just one example of how holistic care at our animal clinic can help your pet live a long, active and healthy life.

Our holistic veterinarian will design an individualized treatment program for your pet’s wellness needs. Our goal with every treatment is to prevent illness and optimize wellness. If a disease occurs, we focus on treating the underlying cause of this condition in addition to providing care that naturally relieves your pet’s pain.

Just like for humans, a holistic approach to treating chronic illness, such as cancer in dogs, is an increasingly popular and successful treatment method. Cancer in dogs is a serious disease that sadly has become a leading cause of death. When treating cancer, we often combine holistic treatments with conventional medication. In this case, the conventional medication can act as an important “stop gap” that can prevent the cancer from spreading while allowing time for holistic remedies to strengthen your dog’s immune system.

Royal Oak Pet Caregivers choose our small animal vet clinic because of our talented and compassionate team. Dr. Simon personally handles every appointment at our animal clinic. He always takes the time to fully explain every treatment and ensure Pet Caregivers are comfortable and confident in their decisions.

About Alternative Pet Medicine

Our clinic is unique in that, in addition to conventional veterinary medicine, we can also provide alternative medicine in the form of nutritional consultation, botanical medicine, antioxidant therapy, plant enzyme therapy, glandular therapy, acupuncture (classical needle acupuncture, electro-acupuncture and “low intensity laser stimulation”), proliferative therapy, gold bead embedding, laser therapy, chiropractic, homeopathy, the electroacuscope, and much more.

Conventional and alternative medical approaches are often used together to provide the best of both worlds and to produce results that are often more rewarding than either approach used alone.

If you would like to know more about Dr. Simon holistic philosophy and how it differs from conventional thought please click on the tab in this same section entitled: My holistic philosophy.

Dr. Simon is a true leader in the field of holistic pet care. In 1982, Dr. Simon became the first certified pet acupuncturist in Detroit and later the first animal chiropractor. He has continued to pioneer alternative treatments, most recently becoming the first veterinarian certified in Michigan as an ‘in-house pet stem cell therapist’.

Please call Hartrick Veterinary Clinic for appointments: (248) 549 3399. Dr. Simon and our entire animal clinic team are excited to welcome you and your pet into our family!