Royal Oak Holistic Veterinary Care: Our Philosophy

Royal Oak holistic veterinarian Dr. John Simon practices what is called “Integrative Alternative Veterinary Medicine.” Our entire Woodside Animal Clinic team believes in providing the most effective combination of health care treatments and techniques from both natural and conventional medical disciplines. We want to do everything possible to address the underlying causes of your pet’s disease for long-term health and happiness, rather than just covering up the symptoms with pharmaceuticals. At the same time, we believe that alleviating symptoms is important for lowering stress levels in the family and making your pet as comfortable as possible.

Integrative Alternative Veterinary Medicine from Royal Oak Holistic Veterinarian

Our Royal Oak holistic veterinarian believes that the causes of veterinary illness, from cancer in dogs to allergies and arthritis, can be traced back to a number of physical and emotional stresses, toxins in a pet’s environment, genetic problems, musculoskeletal imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies. These root problems can lead to a weakened or over-worked immune system, an over-taxed liver that cannot cleanse the blood, malnutrition that cannot fend off free-radical damage to the body, and even hormone imbalances. These problems inevitably lead to cancer in dogs and cats, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases and suffering.

Royal Oak Vet offering Holistic Pet ServicesOnce we determine the cause behind your pet’s suffering, we will make specific recommendations to eliminate those aggravating root causes. We often suggest ways to limit your pet’s exposure to toxic chemicals in their environment or diet. We may also advise a specific diet that provides the nutrients your pet needs, but is not currently getting. Here in our animal clinic, we may prescribe nutritional supplements, herbal medications and probiotics to help your pet’s body right itself. We also provide musculoskeletal realignments to relieve pinched nerves and pain. We recommend acupuncture to help with pain management and rebalancing of your pet’s entire immune system. We will always recommend the most effective natural treatments that we know of first.

There are cases, however, where conventional medicine can help as well. When a pet is suffering from an advanced, aggressive bacterial infection, we will prescribe an antibiotic to get the infection under control quickly. At the same time, however, we use natural medicines to bolster the pet’s immune system so that it can better fend off future threats on its own. In cases of severe allergies where the pet cannot stop scratching and is in danger of secondary infections from hotspots, we may suggest a short course of cortisone therapy to get the itching under control and make the pet more comfortable. That provides natural remedies the time to take hold to root out the cause of the itchiness in the first place. In these and other cases, our integrative approach to veterinary care seeks to create optimal conditions for the pet’s own body to heal itself naturally.

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