Holistic Veterinarian Naturally Manages Pain and Illness with Holistic Pet Care

Is your pet struggling with pain as he or she ages? Are you wondering if alternative treatments for cancer in dogs are actually effective? Here at Woodside Animal Hospital, our Royal Oak holistic veterinarian Dr. John Simon offers comprehensive holistic pet care services that can help your pet stay active and healthy will into his or her golden years.

Royal Oak Vet Provides Natural Pet Wellness Care

There’s a reason the philosophy of our small animal vet clinic is, ‘The Care We Give Is More Than Medical’. We strongly believe that a combination of conventional veterinary care and holistic care produces the best possible outcome for pets. For example, we often prescribe a combination of treatments to help pets battle cancer. Traditional medical treatments can help stop the cancer from spreading, while holistic remedies naturally strengthen your pet’s immune system.

As pets age, many experience joint pain and stiffness that makes it difficult to run and jump as they once did. When traditional treatments or anti-inflammatory medications fail, pet acupuncture and chiropractic care can naturally help manage pain. Even simple dietary changes like the addition of fish oil supplements can greatly enhance your pet’s mobility, and reduce or even eliminate the need for prescription medications.

With every pet patient, Dr. Simon personally examines the pet and administers all tests. He also dedicates extra time to holistic appointments in order to fully explain each treatment and discuss care options with pet guardians.

Our holistic treatments include acupuncture, chiropractic, soft laser therapy, homotoxicology, cryotherapy, prolotherapy, bioresonance therapy, pulsed magnetic therapy, herbal therapy, and stem cell therapy. In fact, Dr. Simon is the first veterinarian in Michigan to be certified as an “in-house pet stem cell therapist.”

An essential part of our approach to holistic care is prevention and wellness. This starts at home with what pet guardians choose to feed their pets. While there are many different types of pet foods on the market today, many are loaded with fillers, artificial coloring and preservatives, leading to an epidemic of overweight and undernourished pets. Dr. Simon is happy to assist you in finding the right type of food for your pet’s unique dietary and nutritional needs. When we feed our pets a healthy, balanced diet, we promote long-term wellness.

Are you wondering if holistic veterinary care is right for your pet? Curious about pet acupuncture treatments for managing pain?

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