Holistic Veterinarian Serving Warren Offers Alternative Care

Dr. John Simon of Woodside Animal Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, is a holistic vet who prefers the big picture about pet health before making a diagnosis.

Instead of solely relying on traditional methods for treating illness, injuries and pain – such as chemical and surgical interventions – this Warren vet possesses a wealth of alternative therapeutic therapies for more comfortable treatment.

In addition to Warren, Woodside Animal Hospital at 27452 Woodward Avenue, serves Berkley, Birmingham, Clawson, Detroit, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Madison Heights, Pleasant Ridge, Southfield, Sterling Heights and Troy.

Homeopathic Vet with Herbal Remedies

Homeopathy, which is partly about the use of herbal remedies versus human-made medicines – is one aspect of Dr. Simon’s holistic alternatives. He notes, “There are herbs that can help with almost any condition where a drug would be used.”

Dr. Simon adds, “Today, approximately 25 percent of all prescription drugs are derived from trees, shrubs and herbs.” Whereas pharmaceutical manufacturers are primarily interested in the active ingredient in these plant materials, Dr. Simon says, holistic practitioners believe that you need all edible parts of a plant to gain its full medicinal benefits.

Arthritis, behavioral problems, bacterial infections and dermatological problems are some of the pet difficulties that Dr. Simon treats with herbs. For example, he prescribes consumption of aloe vera gel to soothe arthritis and gastrointestinal upsets including inflammatory bowel disease.

Pet acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments are among Dr. Simon’s other holistic therapies.

Traditional Royal Oak Veterinarian

Woodside Animal Hospital also has a long history of providing comprehensive traditional veterinary services in Royal Oak, Warren and other surrounding communities. Dr. Simon has owned the hospital since 1970.

The clinic keeps up with technological advances in equipment and procedures. It maintains radiographic services and a surgical suite for operations ranging from spay/neuter procedures to emergencies.

Some examples of traditional services include anesthesia, chemotherapy for cancer, radiographic analysis of orthopedic pain, vaccinations and wellness exams.

Please call us at 248-545-6630 or contact us online for an appointment or more information about Woodside’s top traditional and holistic veterinarian.

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