Welcome to Woodside Animal Clinic, where our Royal Oak veterinarian provide high quality services in a clean, comfortable environment. Explore our approach to veterinary care and our services.

Our Approach to Veterinary Care

Our vet believes in treating every one of our patients as if they were a pet of ours. Whether we are seeing your bird, cat, dog, iguana, hamster, rabbit, or ferret, we will take excellent care of your pet. We can offer wellness care to make sure that your pet is healthy and happy, as well as diagnostics, disease care, and behavioral or nutritional counseling. With over three decades of experience providing veterinary care in Royal Oak and surrounding communities, we are a trusted vet practice in Huntington Woods.

We have a unique approach to animal wellness in that we also have a holistic veterinarian on staff. Our holistic vet can offer services including botanical therapy, acupuncture, homotoxicology, and more. Our holistic vet can offer standalone services or work in tandem with our traditional veterinarian to tailor services to your pet’s needs.

Our Services

Our veterinarian in Royal Oak offers the full range of traditional services, in additional to holistic services like those mentioned above. If you have a new pet and want a kitty or puppy wellness exam, we will perform a thorough health check and give shots. We can also perform vaccines, give training advice, spay or neuter your pet, perform other surgeries, respond to animal emergencies, test your pet’s blood or urine, and manage advanced diseases from arthritis to cancer.

Puppy owners may enjoy taking our behavioral classes. Proper training of puppies can help your pet avoid developing behavioral problems and strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Even if you have an older pet with behavioral issues, we are happy to work on identifying solutions that will increase the happiness of both you and your pet.

Are you ready to make an appointment to come visit us? Our veterinarian serving Huntington Woods looks forward to meeting you and your pet.