Increase Your Chances of Finding Your Pet with Microchipping

Our holistic veterinarian in Royal Oak, Dr. Simon, advises all pet owners to at least consider pet microchipping. Thanks to this modern technology, thousands of pet owners have felt the vast relief of having their beloved pet returned to them. Microchipping for dogs and microchipping for cats is a quick and simple process that can be performed by our vet in just minutes. Your pet will not feel any pain, nor will they even be aware of the presence of the device. However, when your pet gets lost, any vet or animal shelter in the nation can scan your pet and discover where he belongs—with you!

The Benefits of Microchip Pet Identification

This process is completely safe and is very inexpensive considering the value you place on your precious pet. Your pet can get a pet identification microchip as young as 4 weeks as long as their weight is a pound or more. Without a doubt, the best benefit of microchipping for dogs and microchipping for cats is the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you have increased the chances of recovering your pet if they run astray.

A simple scan activates the chip which reveals both the owner and pet’s names in addition to contact information for the owner and veterinarian who inserted the chip. One contacted to claim your furry friend, simply bring along a registration certificate that our Woodside Animal Clinic will provide you to prove ownership. Then bring your buddy home!

What to Expect During Pet Microchipping at Woodside Animal Clinic

Our holistic veterinarian in Royal Oak will gently use a needle to insert a rice-sized microchip into the base of your pet’s neck. This process is virtually painless, so there’s no anesthesia necessary. You can expect us to fully monitor your pet like they are our own and ensure they stay happy, healthy and in your loving care. Learn more about pet microchipping today. Schedule an appointment for microchipping and other pet care needs by calling Woodside Animal Clinic in Royal Oak at 248-581-0613.

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