Infratonic therapy is an infrasonic bioresonance therapy, which uses sound waves produced at a frequency below the level of human hearing. Infrasonic therapy is particularly good at treating inflammatory and painful conditions such as intervertebral disk disease, tendonitis, ligamentitis, and myositis (muscle inflammation). Unlike ultrasonic therapy it cannot cause damage to the underlying tissues.

Sound affects our health just as smog and pollution affect our environment. Sound is measured in terms of frequencies, cycles per second, or wavelengths. Our world is filled with inaudible sound. Such sounds above and below the level of human hearing are described as being “infrasonic” and are contrasted with sounds above the level of human hearing, termed “ultrasonic”.

Scientific research has determined that normal healthy living cells emit frequencies of sound in the alpha range, between 8 and 14 hertz. The human body and specifically the hands of Asian “Chi gong masters” have been demonstrated in the laboratory to be natural alpha wave generators. These alpha wave’s are considered to be the optimum frequency for healing and tissue recovery. Alpha waves are also associated with relaxation, and super learning. When our pets are affected by illness, injury , trauma or stress, the cells in their bodies begin to degenerate and produce frequencies outside of their healthy, alpha range. If we infuse our pet’s body with these gentle low frequency, biocompatible, alpha sound waves they create healing harmonic vibrations that re-energize, and recharge the injured tissue and the animal begins to heal and feel better.

The gentle pulsating action and magnetics of the infra-sonic therapy unit provide quick relaxation and pain relief. The inaudible sound waves travel through the body relaxing muscle spasms, increasing circulation to injured tissue, and reducing swelling, pain and inflammation. The reduction in inflammation and heat in a joint, that results from infrasonic therapy, has been demonstrated clinically through the use of medical thermography. Infrasonic therapy does not require any gels or special preparations prior to use. The low frequency alpha waves that are produced penetrate through clothing, bandages, and even plaster casts. Beneficial effects may be obtained even when direct contact with the body is not possible. The calming effects of the unit can be produced by simply turning the unit on in the same room as the pet. Although it is not a massage device, the animals seem to enjoy the mechanical sensation produced by the device when it is placed over sore, injured areas. Some of the problems that can be treated with infra sonic therapy include: joint problems, arthritis, intervertebral disk disease, sore muscles, soft tissue injuries, scar tissue, wounds, and joints with limited range of motion. Because infrasonic waves penetrate the entire body it can be therapeutic for injured and diseased internal organs.

Infrasonic therapy is very easy to apply and usually requires only 20 minutes per treatment. Because the alpha waves produced by the Infrasonic unit are below 20 Hz. they can not irritate inflamed areas as ultra sonic waves sometimes do. The number of treatments necessary for healing a specific problem is dictated by the severity and chronicity of the injury. Infrasonic therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, infra red lacer therapy or pulsed magnetic therapy. It can be used on all types of pets including birds and reptiles. Low level alpha sound wave therapy is extremely safe and gentle and will, in no way injure the pet.