Keeping Fleas and Ticks Away with Help from our Royal Oak Veterinarian

Fleas and ticks are two of the most common external parasites. They live in trees, tall grass and bushes as well as on other domestic and wild animals. They can even crawl into your home on your clothes. For these reasons, our Royal Oak veterinarian recommends giving your pets flea and tick preventative medications year-round.

Hazards of Flea and Tick Infestations in Birmingham, Detroit and Ferndale
Flea and tick infestations in Birmingham, Detroit and Ferndale are more than a mere annoyance. They can cause allergic reactions and certain types of infections in your pets.

Flea Hazards

Cats and dogs can be allergic to flea saliva, which is called flea allergy dermatitis (FAD). FAD causes excessive itching, swelling and raised red spots. This can lead to your dog or cat excessive scratching the area, resulting in open sores and infections. Fleas also carry tapeworm eggs. If your pet eats a flea, he or she could become infested with tapeworms.

Tick Hazards

Ticks carry numerous types of bacteria that can cause a variety of infections and illnesses. The most common type of disease is Lyme disease, which can cause lameness, lethargy and exhaustion in pets. If you are worried about Lyme disease in your dog, there is a vaccination available in addition to flea and tick preventative medications. Other tick-borne diseases include anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis and rocky mountain spotted fever.

Flea and Tick Preventative Medications with our Vet, Serving Peasant Ridge and Troy

Our vet, serving Peasant Ridge and Troy offers several different types and brands of prescription flea and tick medications, including oral, spot-on and spray treatments, and he can help you choose the right medication for your pet.

To schedule an appointment for prescription flea and tick medications or to schedule your pet’s annual wellness exam, call us at 248-581-0613.

How do you prevent parasitic infestations on your pets?

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