Keeping Pets Calm During 4th of July Fireworks

Fireworks define 4th of July celebrations more than nearly anything else, and offer a fun activity for the Pets on the 4th of Julywhole family. While you are enjoying the light show, however, chances are good that your pets will be experiencing a different set of emotions. Loud noises associated with fireworks can frighten cats, dogs, and other animals.

Finding ways to keep pets calm while fireworks are exploding can be a challenge. Your holistic veterinarian in Royal Oak can prescribe some natural calming aids for pets, such as scents and herbs that will reduce nervous behavior and anxiety in cats and dogs. This will make it easier for them to endure loud noises once the fireworks start going off.

Pet Calming Tips from Your Royal Oak Holistic Veterinarian

Keeping a pet calm during 4th of July celebrations requires using a little common sense. Natural calming aids for pets are not the only tool in your tool box. You need to understand their personalities and plan ways to reduce your pets’ fear and anxiety before the fireworks display begins.

Your holistic veterinarian in Royal Oak suggests also using these calming strategies for your pets:

Keep them indoors: Close the windows and curtains, turn on the air conditioner and put your cat or dog in a safe quiet room. They will instinctively run away to find a hiding place if left outside and could become lost. Play soothing music that can help drown out the sound of the fireworks.

Create a hiding place: Give your pets a place where they can retreat when fireworks start going off. It can be something as simple as a crate in a designated room. They will feel better if they understand where they can go to escape the loud noises.

Find a fun activity: Distract your pets by engaging them in a favorite activity. Pets and stress become less of an issue when their attention is fixed on doing something they enjoy.

Use homeopathic methods: We recommend essential oils to provide a calming scent and mellow out your pet, and we also have natural anti-anxiety supplements to put in your pet’s drinking water.

Use a Thundershirt: Thundershirts are available at some pet stores, and can provide comfort to an upset animal. These shirts are tight against your pet’s body, and are meant to provide anxiety relief by providing constant, calming pressure much like a hug.

Give your pets reasons to enjoy the holidays rather than fear them. As a last resort, we can even provide tranquilizers.

What else can your Royal Oak holistic veterinarian do to help your pets during the 4th of July?

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