MAKE MEDICATING EASIER: Know what Flavors they like

DOGS: Dogs favorite foods are meats, sweets, and cheese. They also like chicken pot pie, peanut butter, molasses, chopped liver, liver wurst , cream cheese, honey, and hot dogs.

CATS: Cats like tuna fish, shrimp cocktail, grilled tuna, salmon steak, bacon crispy, sardines, fish chowder, peanut butter, chicken pot pie, molasses, butterscotch toppings. chopped liver, cheddar cheese, cream cheese.

BIRDS: Birds love taste of banana bread, molasses, and mandarin oranges

RABBITS: Rabbits are attracted to vegetables and fruit flavors such as mandarin orange, banana bread, raspberrys, and apples.

FERRETS: Ferrets enjoy sweet flavors such as bubblegum treats and molasses. They also like peanut butter, fish chowder, banana bread, bacon, chopped liver, mandarin oranges.

RODENTS: Rodents are attracted to pungent aromas which include banana bread, lemon meringue, cheddar cheese, and peanut butter

By knowing what flavors animals prefer we can more easily medicate these pets by hiding medication in foods which will not only mask the drugs taste but also stimulate the animals appetite. Liquid medication can be mixed with appropriate fruit juice and syringe into the pets mouth. Liquid or powdered medication can mixed with honey, molasses, or yogurt. Tablets can be crushed into a powder or placed whole into peanut butter, cream cheese, liverwurst, or cheese whiz.

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