My Name is Efil

by John Simon

My name is “Efil” and the trail I blaze becomes your
ground of being.
My healing hand can touch your soul and give you a
life that’s freeing.
I am here to teach you, one and all, that the only
thing worth seeing
Is that relationship is all there is and all there is
is being.

I am here to teach how to love, also how not to fear.
My job is to have you live your life in a way that’s
bold and dear.
I am here to teach you courage and not to bring you grief,
Though when I knock upon your door, I am viewed
by you a thief.

So let me make it very clear that “I am not a thief”
And that the reason that you see me so is your
filter of beliefs.
I am not here to steal your joy nor cause you great distress.
I am here to bring you wisdom and with it happiness.

I come with gifts that you may have by simply letting go
Of the door that keeps me from your heart and blocks
my giving flow.
To receive those things I have to give you must take
my hand and say
That you trust me like no other, not to steal
your heart away.

I truly have the midas touch that can turn your life to gold
But first you must let me touch you for my promise
to unfold.
By placing yourself in my hands into your being will flow
The energy that will light your life and give you a
golden glow.

When I touch your soul, you will become the possibility
to share
This energy that flows from me to you and to others
in despair.
You can then be touched by others, and they can
be touched by you.
And you will be the conduit for the loving life that is
to ensue.

You will radiate your glow to the universe at large
And it will reflect back to you a life that is supercharged.
You will be the catalyst for a reaction that’s called love
And your life will burn so brightly that it will blind
the stars above.

So strike a blow for freedom; do not let your life be caged
And when I come to visit in this conversation be engaged.
Let me touch you so that I can teach,
the possibility you are.
The possibility for human beings to be life’s super star.

My name is “Efil”, I love you all and I want you to love me.
I am here to teach you how to live a life that’s fun and free.
I come not as a stranger but as a friend who is in disquise
For you see, I am not really “Efil” but the “Life”
before your eyes.