Obesity Threatens a Pet’s Health

Royal Oak Veterinarian’s Warning about Pet Obesity and Nutrition

Over half of America’s pets are now overweight, largely due to poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle. Our Royal Oak veterinarian is alarmed at the real suffering he sees in obese pets. Like humans, overweight pets suffer enormous risks for diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, increased risk of musculoskeletal injuries, respiratory and digestive problems and multiple kinds of organ dysfunction—even cat kidney failure and dog kidney failure. Obesity is costing us money and precious years of healthy life.

Nutrition Key to Curbing Pet Obesity:

Royal Oak Veterinarian’s Advice

Our Royal Oak veterinarian urges people to schedule an appointment for an obesity screening for their pet. We can determine if and how much a pet is overweight, fully examine the reasons behind the condition and detect the resulting health problems. Then we will develop a weight loss Royal Oak veterinarian provides pet nutrition advice to control obesityprogram to help.

One of the main reasons pets are overweight is that they eat inferior quality food that does not provide critical nutrients. Many commercially produced pet foods also contain artificial fillers and additives that do nothing to help your pet while sometimes causing other problems. In fact, in the past some of these inferior quality pet foods have been shown to contain toxins that have led to cat and dog vomiting, cat and dog diarrhea and even dog kidney failure and cat kidney failure.

Selecting the right food is critical to your pet’s health. During our appointments, we will thoroughly assess your pet’s diet. Of course, switching your cat or dog’s diet suddenly can bring on cat or dog vomiting and cat or dog diarrhea. So we recommend a gradual change over to a better food, preferably a natural, meat-based diet including intensive nutritional supplementation.

We will also recommend gradually increasing physical activity with your pet. Getting outside to walk, run and play is good for the entire family. The balance of proper nutrition and exercise can literally change everyone’s life for the better.

Are you concerned about your pet’s weight? What questions do you have about pet nutrition?

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