Reception and Waiting Room Areas

We have decorated our reception area to encourage both pets and their caretakers to remain comfortable and relaxed. Our clients frequently compliment us by mentioning how different our clinic is from other cold, sterile looking clinics they have been in. Our waiting room has a walk on electronic scale and a fish aquarium to help pet parents calm themselves before the visit.

Exam Rooms

Woodside has 3 exam rooms. The largest of these 3 has an electric lift table. This table is a real asset when it comes to examining large and giant breeds of dogs. It is also a great help when an aggressive or uncooperative dog must be restrained.


When it comes to extending the quantity and quality of your pet’s life, we believe that regular dental care is second only to good nutrition in degree of importance. Bacteria that live in the tartar on your pet’s teeth produce toxins that are absorbed into the blood and slowly damage your pet’s kidneys and liver. Through regular dental exams, prophylaxis, and polishing, the effects of these bacteria are minimized, and your pet’s life is enhanced and extended. The fact that Woodside has set aside a room for nothing but dentistry is a reflection of how important we feel dental health is to the overall health of the body.


Dr. Simon believes that pets heal quicker in a low-stress familiar environment. Therefore we always attempt to minimize clinicization by getting the animal home to his or her family as quickly as possible. That said, pets that are clinicized for medical or surgical reasons are given constant attention and some may even require intensive care. This may include the use of oxygen therapy cages, heated surgery tables and recovery cages, cardiac and respiratory monitors, ventilators, and intravenous fluid therapy. Both Dr. Simon and his support staff work together to ensure that each of our patients receive the utmost in care and treatment.


In our surgery area, you will find highly competent personnel and the most up-to-date surgical equipment. The anesthetic machines and types of anesthetics are the safest available, and in many cases are identical to those used in human clinics. Surgery is performed on “heated” operating tables, under sterile conditions, using steam-sterilized instruments. You can be assured that every effort is taken to ensure the safety of your pet. During surgery, your pet is continually monitored, both visually and through the help of respiratory, cardiac, and oxygen monitors. Electro-surgery and cryo-surgery units are frequently used to reduce hemorrhage, and to perform surgeries that otherwise might not be possible. A fiber optic endoscope is also available for both diagnostic and surgical procedures.

Our clinic is experienced in performing a wide range of surgical procedures including ovariohysterectomies (spays), castrations, caesarian sections, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and abdominal surgery.


Woodside maintains a relatively large pharmacy for a single doctor practice. Most of the drugs that Dr. Simon recommends are available at our clinic and consequently, it will not be necessary for you to have a prescription filled at human pharmacies. In addition to drugs, Dr. Simon has carefully evaluated and chosen the most effective nutraceuticals to either supplement or replace more toxic pharmaceuticals. Although Dr. Simon tries to steer clear of drugs whenever possible, often a combination of both drugs and nutritional supplements is needed. Dr. Simon will frequently customize supplements to meet the patients specific health requirements.


Among the facilities at our clinic is a laboratory, equipped to run a number of important diagnostic tests. The laboratory is staffed by trained technicians who assist the doctor in diagnosing problems and in monitoring therapy. By having this laboratory in the clinic, we are able to expedite testing and often have answers within hours and sometimes minutes. Our new blood chemistry analyzer is capable of running a 13 test profile on just a few drops of blood. When more sophisticated tests are called for, a commercial veterinary laboratory is used.


Our radiology department is equipped to take high-quality diagnostic x-rays of all the species of animals we treat, including tiny birds and hamsters. In order to produce this desired detail, special high detail “Rare Earth” x-ray screens are used. We also have a dental x-ray unit that we can use to search for hidden dental problems, such as “tooth root abscesses”. In many cases, x-rays can be taken and developed while you wait.