*This is an introductory letter I give to all new clients who are coming to the clinic for holistic care. If you are not holisticly oriented you may still be interested in reading the letter in order to gain some understanding about what holistic medicine is about.


If you are reading this letter it is because you are a pet owner who desires holistic health care for your pet. Your ideas on what constitutes holistic health care may differ markedly from the next client I see while at the same time your pet’s particular health problem may dictate the need for a specific form of holistic health care. Furthermore, personal experiences with your own health may influence your preference for a particular holistic modality. You may be a person who has been interested in holistic medicine for many years or a person who has just recently been introduced to holistic health concepts . You may be a person who is devotedly holistic and wants nothing but “natural remedies” or you may be a person who is interested in exploring the best of both worlds. In order for me to better satisfy your needs and provide the type of health care you want for your pet, I need to know who you are but it is also very important that you understand who I am.


Because this is the first time we will be meeting I want you to know something about my philosophy on holistic veterinary health care. I want you to have this information so that you can better communicate to me your own personal holistic health orientation and the type of holistic care your are looking for. For over 30 years I have been practicing what has been termed “Integrative alternative veterinary medicine” which is a combination of alternative/holistic and conventional veterinary medicine. I believe that there is great value in both health care worlds as long as we are judicious about what, when and how we combine them. First and foremost , I believe that the body’s immune system has an innate intelligence that far surpasses that of any physician or veterinarian. The body’s immune system when functioning properly is capable of defending itself against viruses, bacteria, and fungal infection and is capable of repairing damage done to body tissue. However, when essential nutrients are not available and when overwhelmed by a toxic environment the immune system is unable to effectively respond to disease threats. When this happens our pets suffer with infectious, allergic, inflammatory, toxic, neoplastic (cancer), degenerative and auto immune diseases. .


Disease is ultimately a result of one or a combination of the following factors: genetics weakness, malnutrition, a structural imbalance, a toxic environment and an unhealthy, stressful life style. These factors can produce a weakened or over stimulated immune system, an exhausted liver that can no longer properly detoxify the blood, an overwhelmed anti-oxidant defense system which can no longer prevent free radical damage to our tissue, and an impaired hormonal physiology which often results from a psychologically stressful environment. The bottom line is that poor nutrition and a stressful, toxic environment deplete our pet’s organ system reserves slowly and insidiously until the reserves are gone and clinical disease becomes obvious. Therefore, my job is to help you prevent disease in your pet by advising you on how to provide your pet with the most wholesome, non-toxic diet available, to recommend ways to reduce the amount of environmental toxins your pet is exposed to, and to suggest ways to provide your pet with a less psychologically stressful environment. In addition, my job also involves detecting subtle evidence of depleting organ reserves through laboratory testing and physical examination.


If I discover that a disease is already present I may recommend ways to modulate the immune and inflammatory systems, support liver and kidney detoxification, supply a high levels of essential nutrients, enhance digestive system function, supplement and stimulate the antioxidant defense system, realign the body’s physical structure, use acupuncture to correct energy imbalances and herbal remedies to deal with bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoan infections.


Although I will always opt to treat the underlying cause of the problem rather than just the symptoms, I do believe that certain situations demand symptomatic relief. If I can reduce an animal’s pain or itchiness while at the same time addressing the underlying cause, then why not make the animal comfortable? I see “integrative veterinary medicine”, which incorporates the best of both alopathic and holistic medicine, as the way for me to provide your pet with optimal health care and, consequently, with the longest and healthiest life through a joint partnership between you and myself.


Please briefly list the forms of holistic health care you have had personal experience with and also your preference for a specific holistic medicine modality, if you have one.

Are you yourself a holistic health care practitioner? If so what form of holistic health care do you practice?