Pet Dental in Royal Oak, Farmington, Ann Arbor, and Ferndale

Your Pet’s Dental Care is important to Our Royal Oak Veterinarian Team

One of the most important things a responsible pet owner can do can for their dog or cat is to make sure to properly take care of their teeth. In addition to regular home dental care of weekly brushing of your pet’s teeth, it is important to schedule yearly pet dental exams with our Royal Oak veterinarian so their mouth, teeth, and gums are checked to avoid serious problems later.

FACT: In the U.S., today, nearly 80% of dogs and cats have some type of dental issue such as periodontal disease. If left untreated, this dental issue can lead to uncomfortable pain and possibly even devastating organ damage.
Our Vet Dr. John Simon and the team at Woodside Animal Hospital wants you to know how important pet dental care is so that your pet can avoid major health issues in the future. We treat patients near Royal Oak, Farmington, Ann Arbor, and Ferndale and suggest annual dental cleanings to help with the issue of tarter and plaque buildup on your pet’s teeth. Our caring and professional team at Woodside Animal Hospital can teach you about the benefits of proper dental care and examine your pet’s mouth to ensure your favorite cat or dog is healthy.

Pet Dental Cleaning at our Royal Oak Veterinarian Office

Excess build up in pockets under the gums and along the gum line can lead to the recession and inflammation of the gums causing bad breath, infection, and even tooth loss. To properly clean your pet’s teeth at our Royal Oak vet office, we use a dental ultrasonic scaler for tartar and plaque removal from your dog or cat’s teeth.

Schedule Your Pet’s Annual Dental Exam with Our Ann Arbor Veterinarian Today

When was the last time your pet had a wellness dental exam? Call Dr. John Simon at Woodside Animal Hospital for pet dental in Royal Oak, Farmington, Ann Arbor, and Ferndale to schedule an appointment today at 248-545-6630.

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