Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

If you are like most of your clients, you consider your pets members of the family. You may also worry about covering the cost of medical treatment should your pet have an accident or become ill. With pets living longer than ever, you are almost guaranteed to face higher veterinary costs when your pet enters his geriatric years. If you are worried about the cost of your pet’s medical bills, you should consider buying pet insurance.

How Pet Insurance Can Help Your Pet

People buy insurance to help defray the costs of all kinds of unexpected calamities, from car accidents to house fires and their own health issues. Pet insurance can be a lifesaver when it comes to paying vet bills, even for a relatively healthy pet.

You never know when your dog will swallow a tennis ball or your cat will get hit by a car, requiring emergency veterinary care. Nor can you predict a life-threatening genetic condition, infection or other illness.

If your pet needs treatment for an illness or injury, the bill can easily climb into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. If your pet needs care from an emergency vet clinic or a veterinary specialist, costs can easily reach $10,000 or more. Saving money for your pet’s vet needs is a good idea, but it is all too easily to find yourself faced with a vet bill you just cannot afford to pay on your own.

That is where pet insurance comes in. Woodside Animal Clinic accepts policies issued by VPI, one of the oldest pet insurance carriers. Policies range from $10 to $35 a month, depending on whether you want coverage for emergency care only, or whether you want to include routine care, hereditary illnesses and other conditions in your pet’s coverage too.

Many pet insurance companies do not bill vets directly. You may need to pay our bill and then file an insurance claim. Woodside Animal Clinic accepts CareCredit, a healthcare financing option for pets and their owners.

How do you plan to cover your pet’s veterinary costs?

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