The decision to euthanize a dear pet is one of the toughest decision a person may have to make in their life. Because we are not able to make a similar choice for our human family members, taking a step to end the life of your pet stands alone as perhaps the most momentous decision a person may have to make in their life. Even though we keep telling ourselves that our decision will be a merciful act we are torn by the idea that we will be killing our faithful friend.

So how can we know when it is time to end our companion’s life. There may be no universal answer to the question. Each person must look from their own personal perspective. What may be for one person the right time to decide on a merciful death, may not be the right time for another. To help you make such a life changing decision please consider the following question and look honestly into your own heart for the answers.

  • Is your pet still enjoying life or is he or she just enduring life?
  • Does your pet experience more bad days than good?
  • Are you keeping you pet alive only because you are dreading the loss?
  • What would you want for yourself if you exchanged places with your pet?
  • Does your pet still enjoy eating or going for a walk?
  • Do you think your pet is in a lot of pain most of the time and the medications aren’t helping?
  • Has your pet lost mental clarity?
  • Is your pet a danger or liability to you, your family or friends?
  • Is the care of your pet more than you or your family can handle?
  • Can you afford to take care of your pet ?
  • Can you psychological deal with your pets problems ?
  • Is your old pet left home alone most of the day ?
  • Do all family members agree that it is time?
  • Do you think you are keeping the pet alive for selfish reason-and it would really be kinder to end the suffering but you can’t bring yourself to do it?
  • Do you understand that other members of the family may be more attached to the pet than you are and may be suffering more over the decision?

A Final Thought

The decision to end your pet’s life, in spite of the great loss you will have to live with, is a truly courageous act. It is the final act of friendship and loyalty you are able to provide your faithful companion.