Has Your Pet Tried Acupuncture?

Pet Acupuncture for Pain Management

Many people have tried acupuncture for pain relief, but most do not realize that acupuncture can be applied to help pets with pain management too. In fact, veterinary acupuncture has been used across Asia for millennia. Dr. Simon, our holistic veterinarian, has studied this aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for pets and found it to be very effective as a drug-free pain relief alternative for injuries, arthritis, allergies, skin conditions and more. Our animal hospital offers the traditional needle-based therapy as well as laser, aqua, and electro-acupuncture methods.

Our Holistic Veterinarian Performs Several Types of Veterinary Acupuncture

Veterinary acupuncture has thousands of years of practical application behind it, as well as a growing body of modern scientific study backing it up. Without diving too deeply into the ancient explanations, we have been able to establish that stimulation of the traditional acupuncture points instigates endorphin production and other biochemical changes in the body that affect how the brain perceives pain. Recent studies have shown acupuncture more effective than either placebos or pain medications at relieving many types of pain—and our holistic veterinarian has used it successfully to help many pets here in our animal hospital.

Our animal hospital employs several ways to stimulate the acupuncture points in a pet to bring pain relief. Twisting the traditional hair-thin needles is comfortable for many pets, as is carefully modulated electrical stimulation of those needles. Laser acupuncture involves no skin piercing at all, just application of the cold laser on the specific points. Pets too sensitive to endure needling can also benefit from acupressure, which we can teach to our patients’ families so they can do it at home. In some cases, hypodermic needles can be inserted into the points and we can inject saline or vitamin B-12 solutions, or tiny golden beads under the skin, depending upon the condition to be treated. These substances maintain the positive effects of the acupuncture for much longer periods of time after treatment.

Have you or your pet ever tried acupuncture? Tell us about your experience!

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