Prolozone Therapy at Woodside Animal Clinic

In the past, pets in need of joint restoration, such as dogs suffering from a torn cruciate, have had two options. The first option was surgery and the second was a treatment called prolotherapy. Prolotherapy requires a series of injections. While preferable to surgery by the average veterinarian in Royal Oak, prolotherapy presents a requirements and is effective approximately 70 percent of the time.

Prolotherapy requires sedation. Sedation is necessary as it requires several injections that can be painful. Not only that, every three weeks during prolotherapy, your pet must endure five or six series of injections.

What is Prolozone Therapy?

Prolozone therapy is a new alternative to prolotherapy, now available in Royal Oak. Prolozone therapy delivers impressive results by offering a non-surgical approach that involves the injection of Oxone gas into the joint. This treatment isn’t as painful as prolotherapy. Fortunately, it doesn’t irritate the tissue and it only requires three or four treatments. Another plus is that ozone has antibacterial properties resulting in a slimmer risk of infection compared to prolotherapy.

Prolozone therapy has been used throughout Europe for more than 30 years but has only recently become widely practiced in the U.S. It offers a high success rate with relatively few, if any, complications.

In some animals, mild sedation is required for prolozone therapy, while other animals are perfectly treatable without any sedation.

While prolozone therapy can be used to treat any damaged joint, it is most commonly used to treat damaged knee joints that have endured a torn cruciate or a torn meniscus.

Differences Between Treatments

The hair around the joint being treated is shaved and surgically scrubbed before either treatment begins. With prolotherapy, a concentrated sugar solution containing Xylocaine and vitamin B12 is injected up to 10 times. The series must be repeated up to five or six times with three weeks between treatments. This is because the injections are made into the joint itself as well as the tissues and ligaments surrounding the joint.

Prolozone therapy, by contrast, consists of a single injection consisting of the homeopathic medication Zeel, ozone, procaine, and vitamin B12. For this treatment, the needle is inserted into the joint capsule, by a qualified veterinarian, which need only be repeated three or four times. If sedation is required at all for prolozone treatment, only a mild sedative will be needed.

Both forms of treatment not only treat the pain but also stimulate the regeneration of cartilage in the joint and connective tissues that support it. Ozone, specifically, has been shown to stimulate the cytokines that serve as immune messengers in order to promote the repair and regrowth of tissue.

Holistic Veterinarian in Royal Oak

At Woodside Animal Clinic we believe that offering prolozone therapy is a kinder and gentler way to treat pets with certain joint conditions. As a traditional and holistic veterinarian clinic serving Royal Oak, Berkley, and Ferndale, we believe that surgery should be considered as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted.