PRP Therapy Provide an Exciting Prospect for Veterinary Care

Here at Woodside Animal Clinic we pride ourselves on keeping with the latest advances in veterinary treatment. One such treatment, while still in its formative stages, has tremendous potential for helping pets recover from a variety of ailments. This technique is called PRP or platelet-rich-plasma therapy.

Platelets play an important role in the body’s ability to heal itself. These blood cells contain special growth factors that attract stem cells, the “blank slate” cells that can transform themselves into specialized cells as needed. This rush of new cell growth can accelerate the healing of bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and other musculoskeletal tissues. It can even assist in the regrowth of damaged nerve tissue, a notoriously slow-to-heal problem. PRP therapy has been used on humans to treat sports injuries, tendonitis, muscle strains, fractures and other acute damage as well as chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and heart muscle disease. Now it is beginning to see use on pets for many of the same conditions, while also serving as an enhancement to stem cell therapy.

How successful is PRP? Our Royal Oak veterinarian, Dr. Simon, says that in this early stage of use, PRP has produced exciting but inconsistent results. Further experimentation and refinement may be needed before it can become a standard means of providing relief for injuries and illnesses. But the promise is definitely there, and pets who do not respond to other therapies might well respond to this one.

Learn More from Our Holistic Care Center

If you are intrigued about the potential of PRP to help your pet, contact our holistic care center. Our Royal Oak veterinarian will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities of this new treatment. While the final verdict on PRP’s effectiveness is still out, we are excited about the ways it could help our patients heal faster, experience less pain and enjoy happier lives!

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