What Is Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy?

Healing Your Pet at the Cellular Level

If using magnetism to treat your pet’s joint degeneration, chronic pain syndrome or acute musculoskeletal injury sounds like science fiction, our team at Woodside Animal Clinic can assure you that it is quite real. In addition to our laser therapy, biomodular/transducer therapy and other state-of-the-art techniques, we prescribe pulsed magnetic field therapy to encourage cellular repair for a variety of conditions.

Physical bodies are more than just collections of matter; they are also the electromagnetic fields and other forces that hold those particles together in identifiable patterns. Every cell in your pet’s body generates electricity at a particular voltage. When damage occurs to that cell occurs, however, the voltage level changes, impairing the cell’s ability to function correctly or repair itself. By sending magnetic pulses into sick or injured tissues, we can restore normal cellular voltage, improve cellular oxygenation, boost blood flow to the affected area, and spur cells to reproduce at an accelerated rate — all of which can help your pet heal more quickly and with less discomfort.

Pulsed magnetic field therapy has many advantages over more traditional healing techniques. For one thing, the non-invasive procedure is entirely painless and most animals do not even notice it. The field penetrates the entire body to aid any organ or tissue, and we can perform the treatment while your pet is in their cage or when wrapped in a blanket, which is ideal for small or restless pets. The depth of penetration means that we can use to help heal inner tissues such as vital organs, although we do not recommend it for treatment of cancerous tumors.

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy Available at Woodside Animal Hospital

If you are intrigued by pulsed magnetic field therapy’s ability to help your pet cope with chronic pain, disease or injury recovery, contact our veterinary clinic to schedule a consultation. We can examine your beloved friend and make a informed decision as to which healing methods will do him the most good!

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