Scenar therapy is a form of electrical therapy that utilizes micro-current electrical stimulation. Micro-current therapy was designed to work by mimicking the body’s own bioelectrical system, thereby working to restore the natural balance and augment the healing process. The Russians first developed it as an offshoot of their space program. It is a biofeedback device that works much like the Electroacuscope. Its micro current output stimulates specific type of nerve ending to produce neuro transmitter chemicals, which can effectively treat both pain and other types of medical conditions. The Scenar can detect areas on the skin, which are in need of treatment, and then treats these conditions painlessly by adding electrons to the patients body in order to reestablished lost voltage and enhance the production of ATP in cells damaged by the illness or injury.

Trauma or disease will affect the electrical potential (voltage) of damaged cells. Initially the injured site has a much higher electrical resistance than the surrounding tissue. Basic physics dictates that electricity tends to flow toward the path of least resistance. Therefore, the body’s own bioelectricity avoids areas of high resistance and takes the easiest path, which is generally around the injury. The decreased electrical flow through the injured area further reduces the damaged cells voltage or capacitance and healing is further impaired. The correct micro-current application to an injured site furnishes electrons to help temporarily bring up the voltage in the injured/diseased cells. This in turn encourages the body’s own bio-energy to enter the damaged site and continue the healing. Therefore, micro-current current electrical therapy can be viewed as a catalyst helpful in initiating and perpetuating the numerous chemical and electrical reactions that occur in the healing process.