Shedding Myths

Shedding Myths: Is Your Pet Shedding too Much?

Pet hair loss is perplexing and there are many myths circulating that propose potential causes and cures. Some say that shedding is more common with older pets. Others believe that too much bathing can be responsible for hair loss problems in both cats and dogs. Clogged pores are often blamed for hair follicle dysfunction. And while some believe that emotional problems result in hair loss (actually true), others believe that emotional condition cannot possibly cause abnormal shedding.

Massive shedding can be normal for some pets, but it can also be the result of inadequate nutrition, stress, and other medical problems. Below is a list of conditions leading to hair loss in both cats and dogs. You’ll be able to discern the difference between myth and fact.

Alopecia in Dogs

Your dog may experience partial or complete hair loss no matter the breed or age. Hair loss can be symmetric or varied. Scaling may also be present. Sometimes there is inflammation and crusting around the affected area.

What causes alopecia in dogs?

Mange is a very common cause of alopecia in dogs. It begins with infestation by a mite called Demodex. Disruption in hair follicle growth for any number of reasons, including infection, trauma, immune disease and endocrine system abnormalities can result in dog alopecia. Multiple missing hair patches may indicate an inflammation of hair follicles. The pattern of hair loss can offer clues that indicate a specific disease.

Cats and hair loss

Cat Hair Loss is a common feline problem. It can be partial or complete. Patterns vary. While there are some options treatment is limited. It’s not uncommon for older cats that have been diagnosed with cancer to have noticeable hair loss. Other causes include over grooming and hormonal disease. Parasitic diseases and heredity can result in various hair loss conditions. Standard diagnosis techniques include biopsy of skin tissues and blood testing.

For your information, the theories regarding causes of pet shedding in the first paragraph were entirely incorrect.

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