Spay and Neuter Surgery at Woodside Animal Clinic

Our clinic’s commitment to holistic care means we care about your pet’s total health, that’s why we offer spay and neuter surgery as part of our regular services. The decision to alter your cat or dog is an important one that effects their overall health and quality of life, not just their ability to reproduce. Spaying is a surgery performed on female pets to remove the uterus and ovaries, and neutering removes the testicles from a male cat or dog. Both procedures are safe to perform, require anesthesia and a short recovery period. Our veterinary team at Woodside Animal Clinic will provide you with all the information needed to care for your pet before and after their surgical procedure.

The Benefits of Spay and Neuter Surgery

Preventing pet overpopulation is a priority for all animal lovers and is a good enough reason on its own to spay and neuter our dogs and cats. But there are many benefits to this decision that directly improve your pet’s life.

  1. Neutered males are less aggressive and more focused on their human families.
  2. Neutering inhibits the natural instinct to spray and mark territory.
  3. Spaying prevents uterine infections and significantly decreased the chances of breast cancer, especially if the animal is spayed before reaching its first heat.
  4. Spaying prevents females from going into heat, which is especially beneficial to cat owners. Cats in heat are known to yowl loudly for days and urinate in the house.
  5. If done before the age of six months, neutering prevents testicular cancer.
  6. Spay surgery keeps female pets safe by reducing their encounters with aggressive males.
  7. Altering your pet is cost effective. Potential health problems, caring for a litter or repairing property destroyed by an unneutered dog trying to escape the yard to find a mate can cost much more in the long run than the cost of a spay or neuter surgery.
  8. Neutering keeps males at home and reduces or eliminates the upsetting habit of mounting objects or human legs.
  9. Neutering helps prevent anal tumors, perineal hernias and prostatitis.
  10. Despite the popular notion that altering makes your pet fat, spaying and neutering does not cause weight gain. In fact, altering improves your pet’s health and safety.

At Woodside Animal Clinic our primary concern is your pet’s health and safety. Animal companions are placed under general anesthesia and sleep comfortably through the entire procedure. Aftercare takes place in a climate-controlled enclosure where your pet is constancy monitored by our highly trained veterinary staff. Continued recovery time at home is simple and requires the animal to rest, avoid jumping, swimming, bathing or licking the site for the first week. Suture removal is performed in our office at no additional charge. Contact any member of our staff if you have questions or concerns about spay and neuter surgery or any other health issues regarding your pet.