Royal Oak Veterinarian Provides Pet Stem Cell Therapy

One thing most pet owners notice right away when they bring their pets to Woodside Animal Clinic is that we simply don’t do things the way other veterinary clinics do. For over thirty years our veterinarian, Dr. John Simon, has taken an open approach to pet health and wellness. He is always looking for newer and more effective ways to prevent or treat pet health concerns. Our Royal Oak veterinarian’s approach to pet care includes traditional and alternative procedures, as well as the latest technology. One modern advance in pet medicine we are now offering is adult pet stem cell therapy.

Similar to human stem cells, adult pet stem cells can be used in the healing process. These cells are usually taken from the fat underneath your pet’s skin in a minimally invasive procedure. To harvest these stem cells our veterinarian makes a skin incision just behind the shoulder blade and collects the fat that lies just under the skin. The fat is then processed right here in our Royal Oak animal clinic on the very same day as it is collected. While your pet is resting comfortably in a room, the stem cells are separated, laser-activated, and injected directly back into the affected area or infused intravenously. The technology we have adapted has realized a success rate of 70%. Most limping dogs that have previously been in severe pain are now able to easily walk, run and jump again within two to three weeks. Because we are using your pet’s own stem cells, there is no concern about rejection.

Royal Oak Limping Dogs Find Relief

Our drug-free stem cell treatment is available primarily for dogs but cats can receive the treatment. One of the most beneficial uses we have seen for adult pet stem cell therapy is to provide healing for limping dogs. Often seen in older or more athletic dogs, this suffering may be caused by hip dysplasia, arthritis, ligament injuries, tendonitis, breed-specific degenerative diseases, or certain types of fractures.

While other veterinary clinics may still be using the older, more costly and time-consuming methodologies when it comes to pet stem cell therapy, Woodside Animal Clinic has invested into the latest technology to make this healing ability available to as many patients as possible. Our Royal Oak veterinarian is known as a progressive thinker in the pet care industry; he is proud to be able to bring this technology to so many beloved family pets, and he is thrilled and happy to see the expression of joy on the face of owners of previously limping dogs as they are able to once again walk and run without pain.

In addition to our traditional veterinary care and pet stem cell therapy, Woodside also provides chiropractic pet care, and pet acupuncture, pulsed magnetic therapy and Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) to address the needs of your pets. If you’re looking for a pet vet that is on the cutting edge of care, come to Woodside Animal Clinic where “The Care We Give is More Than Medical.”