Woodside Animal Clinic: Veterinarian Serving Sterling Heights in Michigan

Woodside Animal Clinic is located in Royal Oak, Michigan and provides vet services clients and patients in Sterling Heights. Sterling Heights is a little over 20 minutes from our location. Just hop on Metro Parkway and merge onto I696 W. Take Exit 16 to Woodward Avenue. You’ll be making a right to turn onto Woodward Avenue. We are located at 27452 Woodward Avenue.

Your Holistic Veterinarian

At Woodside Animal Clinic, we’re your vet who offers both traditional services and a holistic veterinarian who offers a wide array of holistic treatments for pets. As a homeopathic vet, we offer stem cell therapy, botanical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, essential oil therapy and more. In botanical therapy, holistic veterinarian Dr. John Simon uses herbs to treat behavioral problems, bladder disease, arthritis, skin diseases and bacterial infections. He also offers different types of acupuncture, such as needle, aqua and laser.

As a holistic vet, Dr. John Simon uses stem cell therapy to help limping dogs walk again due to breed-specific degenerative diseases, arthritis, hip dysplasia and ligament injuries. This technology has a high success rate and most dogs are able to walk, run and jump within three weeks.

Your Sterling Heights Vet for Traditional Veterinarian Services

In addition to holistic services. Woodside Animal Clinic offers traditional veterinarian services, such as routine exams, pet vaccinations, spay and neuter, microchipping, pet surgery and dental care. During a routine exam, Dr. John Simon performs a comprehensive nose-to-tail check, including eyes, skin, ears, abdomen and coat. Early detection of any health issue is key to treatment success. We recommend your pet have an annual exam. Older pets may require a routine exam twice a year. And with updated pet core vaccinations, you can keep your companion safe from disease. Another way to keep your pet healthy is with our spay and neuter services. Sterilization helps ward off certain diseases like cancer. It’s a simple surgical procedure, and most pets recover in two to three hours after it.

Microchipping your four-legged companion greatly increases the chance of finding your pet when lost. It has a GPS tracking device, and the data is put into a central database for lost pets. It’s a simple and painless procedure. Keep a smile on your pet’s face with our dental services. Our dental technicians will remove all plaque and tar and add a sealant to your pet’s teeth to prevent future decay.

If your pet requires surgery, we utilize the latest in technology to monitor vitals during surgery. Our veterinarian carefully keeps an eye on heart rate, respiration rate and pulse rate. Plus, we provide all pet owners with detailed instructions for post-surgical care.