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If your pet has lost the spring in his step due to injury or a chronic musculoskeletal disease such as arthritis, no doubt you would love to find a treatment that goes beyond simple pain relievers or traditional therapeutic techniques. Fortunately, that treatment now exists, and it has given many Royal Oak veterinarian provides stem cell therapy for limping dogs and cats a new lease of life. This treatment is known as adult stem cell therapy.

Stem cells are “blank slate” cells in the sense that they have not yet formed into specific types of cells, such as cartilage cells or muscle cells. This makes them ideal for rejuvenating areas in need of new, healthy tissues. The term “adult” refers to the fact that cells are taken from your own pet, not from embryonic tissue. (We briefly anesthetize your pet for this procedure while administering fluids and monitoring vital signs carefully.) Once we have processed the stem cells, we then inject them back into stiff or painful joints. The stem cells then take on the structure of the cells surrounding them to form healthy, vital new cartilage, muscle fiber, bone or connective tissue. As a result, the body can reverse a significant amount of joint deterioration. Check out our Stem Cell Therapy page for more information. Pets formerly crippled by their ailments can display an astonishing new freedom of motion and pain relief.

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As effective as stem cell therapy is, it may not be the ideal solution for every pet. Cancer in dogs, for instance, can accelerate as a side effect, though stem cell therapy can also help those same animals recover from radiation therapy or other cancer treatments. We will check your pet thoroughly for any trace of cancer and work to eliminate cancerous cells before embarking on stem cell therapy. Whatever your pet’s needs may be, contact us at Woodside Animal Hospital for state-of-the-art Royal Oak veterinary care.

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